Yes, I answer your thoughts every morning whether you ask me or not, whether you write questions or not. I answer your thoughts because there is no personal God. What do I mean?

If there is a personal god then he will be much too occupied; it will be impossible to answer your question. He will be much too occupied – the problems of the whole universe. This earth is not alone. Just think. If a person, a personal god, has to think about the problems and the anxieties and the worries and the questions only about this earth, then too he will go mad – and this earth is nothing. This earth is just a speck of dust. Scientists say that it is almost certain that there must be fifty thousand earths with as much evolved life as this earth in the universe, and that is an understatement – fifty thousand earths as much evolved as this earth, even more evolved. The more we can penetrate into the universe, the more boundaries go away – and far away. The boundaries have disappeared; it is an unbounded universe. If there is a personal god, either he would have gone mad long before or he would have committed suicide.

Because there is not a personal god, things are simple. The whole existence is divine. There is no anxiety; nothing is overcrowded. Divineness is spread all over existence, not confined in a personal god.

When I answer your questions, if I am a person then it will be difficult. Then you are many and I am one. If all your minds jump on my mind I will go mad. But because there is nobody inside, madness is not possible. I am just an empty valley echoing. Not that there is somebody who echoes, just the empty valley echoing. Or I am just a mirror. You come in front of me, you are mirrored. You are gone, the reflection is gone.

I am not here in any personal way, just an emptiness; so it is not an effort on my part to answer your questions or your thoughts. Simply, because you are there I reflect on you. And this is not an effort.

Somebody asked Michelangelo, “In your work there seems to be great inspiration.” He said, “Yes, there is – but only one percent. One percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” And he is right. With me there is no perspiration. It is a hundred percent inspiration. I am not thinking about your problems. I am not thinking about you at all. I am not worried about you. I am not trying to help you. You are there. I am here: just between the two, something transpires – between my nothingness and your beingness something transpires which has nothing to do with me and which has nothing to do with you. Just an empty valley, and you sing a song, and the valley repeats, and the valley resounds it.

So it will make no difference whether you are here or in the West. If you feel any difference that will be because of you, not because of me. When you are close to me you feel more open. Just your idea, that because you are here, you feel more open. Then you go to the West, just your idea that now you are too far away, how can you be open – you become closed. Just drop that idea, and wherever you are I am available; because this availability is not personal, so it is not a question of time and space. Go to the West, go to the farthest end of the earth, but remain in the same attitude.

Just try. Many of you will be going. Every morning, eight o’clock Indian time, just come as you come here, sit as you sit here, wait as you wait here, and immediately you will start feeling your thoughts are being answered. And it will be an even more beautiful experience than being close to me because then there will be nothing physical. It will be totally transcendental; it will be the purest possible. And then if you can do that, space disappears. Between a Master and a disciple there is no space.

And then another miracle is possible then one day you can drop time also.

Because someday I will leave this body; I will not be here. If you have not transcended time before I leave my body then I will become unavailable to you.

Not that I will be unavailable. I will remain available, but just your idea that now I am dead so how can you relate to me… you will become closed.

It is your idea. Drop that idea of time and space. So first try eight o’clock in the morning. Indian standard time, wherever you are, and then drop that Indian standard time also. Then try any time. First drop space, then drop time. And you will be so ecstatic to find that I am available wherever you are, Then there is no question.

Buddha died. Many started crying and weeping, but there were a few who just sat there. Manjushree was there, one of his great disciples. He was sitting under the tree; he remained the same. He heard, as if nothing had happened. It was one of the greatest events in the history of the world. Rarely a Buddha is born, so there is no question of Buddha dying; rarely it happens. Somebody came to Manjushree and he said, “What are you doing? Are you shocked so much that you cannot move? Buddha is dead!” Manjushree laughed and he said, “Before he died I dropped time and space. He will remain available to me wherever he is, so don’t bring such absurd news to me.” He never followed, he never went to see the dead body. He is quite at ease, relaxed. He knows that that availability was not confined to time or to space.

Buddha has remained available to those who are available to him. I will remain available to you if you are available to me, so learn how to be available to me.




To ask about love in terms of more or less is stupid, because love can neither be more nor less. Either it is or it is not. It is not a quantity; it is a quality. It cannot be measured; it is immeasurable. You cannot say more, you cannot say less. The question is irrelevant, but lovers go on asking because they don’t know what love is. Whatsoever they know must be something else. It cannot be love because love is not quantitative. How can you love more? How can you love less?

Either you love or you don’t love.

Love surrounds you, fills you totally, or disappears completely and is not there… not even a trace is left behind. Love is a totality. You cannot divide it; division is not possible. Love is indivisible. If you have not come across such love which is indivisible then be alert. Then whatsoever you have been thinking is love is a counterfeit coin. Drop it – sooner the better – and search for the real coin.

And what is the difference? The difference is when you love as a counterfeit coin, you are simply imagining that you love. It is a trick of the mind. You imagine that you love – just as in the night, you have been hungry the whole day, fasting, and you go to sleep, and you dream that you are eating. Because man lives in such a loveless life, the mind goes on dreaming about love and creating false, absolutely false, dreams around you. They help you to live somehow, and that’s why again and again dreams are broken, love is shattered, and again you start creating another dream – but never becoming aware that these dreams are not going to help.

Somebody asked Gurdjieff how to love. He said, “First be. Otherwise all love will be false.” If you are authentically there, really there, in full awareness, in concrete beingness, only then is love possible.

Love is like a shadow to a real being. Only a Buddha, a Christ, a Patanjali can love. You cannot love. Love is a function of being. You are still not a being; you are not aware enough to be in love.

Love needs the greatest awareness. Unconscious, asleep, snoring, you cannot love. Your love is more like hate than like love that’s why your love can go sour in a single minute. Your love becomes jealousy any moment. Your love can become hatred any moment. Your love is not love enough. Your love is more like a hiding place, not an open sky. It is more a need, not like an independent flow.

More like dependence – and all dependencies are ugly. Real love makes you free, gives you total freedom. It is unconditional. It asks for nothing. It simply gives and shares, and it is happy because the sharing was possible. It is thankful because you accepted.

It asks nothing. Much comes to it, that is another thing, but it asks nothing.

How is it possible for you right now? You are not there to flow. So you go on deceiving. Not only that you deceive others you deceive basically yourself. And that’s why it is always happening. This anecdote is almost an everyday thing in every marriage. The husband is always worried whether the wife loves him or not. The wife is worried whether the husband loves her or not – more or less; how much he loves.

Never ask this question. Always ask do you love, because it is not a question of the other. How much he loves. How much she loves, is a wrong question.

Always ask do you love. And if you don’t love then seek to become more authentic, become more a being, true.

And sacrifice everything for it! It is worth it. All that you have is useless unless you have love. Sacrifice everything for it. Nothing is more valuable. All your Kohinoors are worthless unless you have attained to that quality which is called love. Then God is not needed: love is enough.

Sometimes I see that if people really love, the word “god” will disappear from the world: there will be no need. Love will be such a fulfillment it will replace God.

Now people go on talking about God because they are so unfulfilled in their lives. Love has not been there and they are trying with God, but God is a dead thing – a marble statue, cold, not alive at all.

Love is the real God. Love is the only God. And you cannot have God more or less – either you have or you have not. But search, a deep search is needed: a constant alertness is needed.

And remember one thing, if you can love you will be fulfilled. If you can love you will be able to celebrate, you will be able to feel grateful, you will be able to thank with your full heart. If you are capable of love, just being alive is a tremendous delight. Nothing more is needed: it is benediction.


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