VBT – Meditation 80.0


Whole World Is Burning

If you can do the previous technique, this will be very easy. If you can come to imagine that your body is burning, it is not difficult to imagine that the whole world is burning – because your body is the world, and through your body you are related to the world. Really, only for your body are you related to the world – the world is an extended body. If you can think and imagine that your body is burning, there is no difficulty in imagining it with the whole world. And the sutra says it is a make-believe world – just because you believe, it is there. The whole world is burning, disappearing.

But if you feel the previous is very difficult, you can even start with this. This is very easy if you can do the first. And there is no need really to do this if you have done the previous. With your body, everything disappears automatically. But you can do this directly also, if the previous is very difficult.

I said start with the toes because they are very far away from the head, from the ego, but you may not even feel like starting from the toes. Then move still further away: start with the world, and then move nearer and nearer towards yourself. Start with the world and then come nearer. And when the whole world is just burning, it will be easy for you to burn in that whole burning world.


If you can see the whole world burning, you have gone above humans, you have become superhuman. You have come to know a superhuman consciousness. You can imagine it, but a training of imagination is needed. Our imaginations are not very trained. They are very untrained, because there is no schooling for imagination. Intellect is trained, schools and colleges exist and a major part of life is spent in training the intellect. Imagination is not trained. And imagination has a very wonderful dimension of its own. If you can train your imagination, you can do wonders through it.

Start with small things, because it is difficult to jump to bigger things and you may be a failure. For example: this imagination that the whole world is burning – it cannot go very deep. First, you know it is imagination, and even if in imagination you think that the flames are everywhere, you will feel that the world is not burned, it is there still, because it is only your imagination. You don’t know how imagination can become real. You have to feel it first.

As always, science is a little behind the mystics, who have known about the power of imagination for centuries. But science has finally ‘proved’ this power.

At Harvard Medical School, neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone taught a bunch of students a little five-finger piano exercise. Then the group was divided into two. One group had to come every day for five days to practice the music for two hours. At the end of each day’s practice, scientists mapped how much of the motor cortex of the brain controlled the finger movements needed for the piano exercise. After five days of practice, the motor cortex devoted to these finger movements had grown significantly.

The second group also came every day for five days, but instead of practicing their music on a piano, they were told to just imagine their fingers were playing for two hours. Then they too were tested. And to the great surprise of the researchers, they discovered that the region of motor cortex that controls the piano-playing fingers also expanded in the brains of volunteers who imagined playing the music, just as it had in those who actually played it.

In other words, they discovered that imagination can actually alter the physical structure and function of our brains.


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