VBT – Meditation 94.3

Be Saturated

When you feel yourself as Divine, you fall into the abyss because then there is no fear. Otherwise, even in the night while you are sleeping you are afraid to fall deeply into it. Many people are suffering from sleeplessness – not because of any other tension, but because they are afraid to fall asleep, because sleep appears like an abyss, a bottomless thing. I have known a few; persons who are afraid.

One old man came to me and said that he could not sleep because he was afraid. I asked, “Why are you afraid?” He said, “I am afraid because if I really sleep, and I die, I will not be conscious, alert. And I can die because now I am old – and I don’t like the idea of dying in sleep. At least let me be aware and alert of what is happening.”

You go on clinging to something so that you cannot fall into sleep, but when you feel that the Divine is there, you have accepted. Then the abyss is also Divine. Then you fall very deeply into the very original sources of your being – and the quality will be different. And when you arise in the morning and you feel that sleep has gone, remember that the Divine is arising. The whole day will be different.

And be saturated – whatsoever you do, or you don’t do, let the Divine do it – simply allow it to be done. Eat, sleep, work, but let the Divine do it. Only then can you be saturated, can you become one with it. And once you feel, even for a single moment – even for a single moment, I say – that the peak has come, that you are not, that the Divine has saturated you completely, you are enlightened.

In that single moment, that timeless moment, you will become aware of the whole mystery of life.

Then there is no fear and then there is no death. Now you have become life itself. It goes on and on; it never ends, it never begins. Then life is ecstasy.

And the concepts of MOKSHA, of heaven and paradise, are just childish, because they are not really something geographical. They are symbols of this ultimate state of being: when the individual has dissolved into the cosmos or when the individual has allowed the cosmos to dissolve into him; when the two have become one, when mind and matter, both the manifestations, have come back to the original source, the third. The whole search is for that. That is the only search, and you will not be satisfied until this is achieved. Nothing can be a substitute for it. You can go on moving for lives and lives, but unless this is achieved, your search will be constantly haunting you. You cannot rest.

This technique can be very helpful and there is no danger in it; you can practise it without a master. Remember this: all the techniques that start with the body are dangerous without a master – because the body is a very complex phenomenon, very complex. It is a mechanism, and without someone who knows exactly what is going on, it is dangerous to start – you may disturb the mechanism, and then it will be difficult to repair it. All the techniques that start directly from mind are based on imagination, and are not dangerous because the body is not touched at all. They can be done even without a master – although it will be difficult because you don’t have any self-confidence. A master is not really going to do anything, but he becomes a catalytic agent. He is not going to do anything – really nothing can be done – but with just his presence, your confidence and trust are touched, and it helps. With just the feeling that the master is there, you move confidently.

Because he is present, you are not afraid; because he is with you, you can move into the unknown, the uncharted. But with body techniques he is very necessary, because the body is a mechanism and you can do something which cannot be easily undone. You can harm yourself.


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