VBT – Meditation 95.1

Creativity Of Feminine

The same is not true for men – no one will say that unless a man becomes a father he is not fulfilled. To be a father is accidental. It may be, it may not be. It is not very basic, and a man can remain without being a father without losing anything. But a woman will lose something because her whole creativity, her whole functioning, comes only when she becomes a mother. When her breasts become the center of her being she becomes total. And she cannot come to the breasts unless a child is there to call. So men marry women to get wives, and women marry men to become mothers – not to get husbands. Their basic sole interest is to have a child who will call their womanhood. So really, husbands are always afraid, because the moment a child is born they move to the periphery of the woman’s interest – the child becomes the center. So fathers always feel jealous because the children come in-between. And now the woman is more interested in the children than in the father of the children. He has become a peripheral existence – necessary for survival but non-essential.

Now the basic need has been fulfilled.

In the West now there is a trend, a fashion, not to feed children directly from the breasts. This is very dangerous because it means that the woman will not come to the creative center of her being.

When a man loves a woman, he can love her breasts, he will love them, but he cannot call them mother. Only a small child can call them mother. Or if the love is very deep – so deep that the husband becomes just like a child – then it is possible. Then the woman forgets completely that she is just a consort and she becomes a mother to her lover. Then there will be no need for a child; she can become a mother and the center of being can happen near the breasts.

This technique says: FEEL THE FINE QUALITIES OF CREATIVITY PERMEATING YOUR BREASTS AND ASSUMING DELICATE CONFIGURATIONS. The whole creativity of feminine existence is rooted in motherhood. That is why women are not interested in any other type of creativity. Man is a creator; woman is not a creator. She has not painted, she has not created great poetry, she has not written big books, she has not created great religions – she has not done anything really. But man goes on creating, he is mad. He goes on inventing, creating, making, constructing. Tantra says that this is because man is not a creator by nature – he remains unfulfilled, tense. He wants to become a mother, he wants to become a creator, so he creates poetry, he creates books, he creates many things, he will ‘mother’ many things. But a woman is at ease. If she can really become a mother she is fulfilled, she is not interested. It is only when a woman cannot become a mother, cannot love, cannot really come to the peak of her creativity, that she will start thinking about doing something else. So basically, uncreative women will become creators – poets and painters – but they will always be second-rate, they cannot be first-rate. It is just as impossible for them to be creators of paintings and poetry and other things, as it is impossible for man to create a child. He cannot become a mother, that is biologically impossible. And he feels the gap. To fill the gap he goes on doing many things – but still even a great creator is not as fulfilled, or only very rarely, as a woman is if she really becomes a mother.

A Buddha is fulfilled because he has created himself. He is reborn, he has given rebirth to himself, he is a new man, he is both father and mother to himself now. He can feel fulfilled.

A woman can feel fulfilled more easily. Her creativity is just around the breasts. That’s why all over the world, women are concerned so much with their breasts – it is as if their whole existence is concentrated there. They are always alert about their breasts – hiding or exhibiting, but always concerned. The breasts are their most secret part, their treasure, their center of being; of being mother, of being a creator.


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