VBT – Meditation 95.3

Life Is Rhythm

In life there is rhythm; in everything there is rhythm. When you take a breath, the breath goes in – then for a few seconds it stops, there is no movement. Then again it moves, out it goes – and again there is a stop, a gap, no movement. Movement, no movement, movement. When your heart beats, there is one beat, gap, another beat, gap. The beat means male, the non-beat gap means female.

Life is rhythm. When two persons meet, male and female, it becomes a circle: there will be gaps for both. You will be a woman and suddenly there will be a gap and you are no longer a woman, you have become a man. You will be man and woman and man. When these gaps are felt you can feel that you have achieved a circle. This circle is represented in Shiva’s symbol-the shiva-linga.

This circle is represented by the yoni of Devi and linga of Shiva. It is a circle. It is one of the peak phenomena of two high energies meeting.

This technique will be good. FEEL THE FINE QUALITIES OF CREATIVITY PERMEATING YOUR BREASTS AND ASSUMING DELICATE CONFIGURATIONS. Simply relax, move into the breasts, let your breasts become your whole being. Let the whole body be just a situation for the breasts to exist, your body has become secondary, just a background, and the breasts are emphasized.

And you are totally relaxing in them, moving in them. Then your creativity will arise. The feminine creativity arises only when the breasts become active. Merge into them and you will feel creativity arising.

What does it mean when creativity arises? You will have many visions around you. Buddha and Mahavir have said in their past lives that when they are born their mothers will see certain visions, certain dreams. Because of those dreams, it could be predicted that a Buddha was going to be born. Sixteen visions would follow each other.

Osho has been experimenting with this. If a woman really melts into her breasts, certain visions will follow in a certain sequence. She will start seeing certain things. To different women there will be different sequences, but I will tell you a few. One, there will be figures, human figures, and if the woman is going to give birth to a child, then the figure of the child will appear. If total melting has happened in the breasts then the woman can see what type of child is going to be born to her. The figure will appear, and then it will be more clear. If she is not going to be a mother soon or she is not pregnant, then very unknown scents, perfumes will happen around her. The breasts can become sources of very delicate perfumes which are not of this world, which cannot be created chemically; sounds, harmonious sounds will be heard; all the realms of creativity can appear in new and many configurations. All that has happened to great painters and poets will happen to the woman if she can melt into her breasts.

And this will be so real that it will change her total personality – she will become different. And if she goes on with these visions, by and by they will drop, and a moment will come when nothingness, void, emptiness will happen – SHUNYATA will happen. This SHUNYATA is the highest of meditations.

So remember this: if you are a woman, don’t concentrate on the third eye. It will be better for you to concentrate near the breasts – on the breasts, right on the two nipples of the breasts. Concentrate there. And the second thing: don’t concentrate on one breast – concentrate on both simultaneously.

If you concentrate on one, your body will immediately be disturbed. Even paralysis is possible if you concentrate on only one. So just concentrate on both simultaneously, melt into them and allow whatsoever happens to happen. Just go on watching and don’t get attached to any rhythm because the rhythms will be very beautiful, just heavenly. Don’t get attached. Go on watching them and be a witness. A moment will come when they will start disappearing – and when SHUNYATA, nothingness, happens, when just space, just space remains and the breasts have disappeared, then you are under the Bodhi tree.


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