VBT – Week’s Meditation 95

Meditating On The Nipples

Man thinks the sex act is simple. Why waste time? Enter the woman immediately – and he is finished within minutes. But the woman was not a part, she was not aroused. That’s why women have a hankering that their lovers should touch their breasts, love their breasts – a deep hankering.

Only when their breasts have become filled with energy does their second pole of the magnetic rod, which is negative, respond. Then they are alive to it, then they can participate, then communication is possible – and then they will melt. Foreplay is a must.

Marriages become dry because in the beginning when you meet a new woman you play with her body before. You are not certain whether she will allow you a direct approach, so you play. You just feel the ground to see whether she is ready. But when she is your wife, you take her for granted – there is no need. Wives are so dissatisfied with their husbands, not because their husbands are not loving but because they are wrongly loving. They don’t think that a woman exists in a different way; that her body responds in a different way just opposite to them.

This concentration at the breasts, melting into them, will give a new feeling to the female meditator – a new feeling about her own body, because now from the center she can feel the whole body vibrating. Just by loving the breasts of a woman she can be brought to a deep orgasm because the negative pole will automatically go on responding.

There are many other things. If you start from the breasts, meditating on the nipples, don’t follow the route that you have read in books because that is meant for men. Simply don’t follow any chart, just allow the energy itself to move. It will happen in this way: with just a vague suggestion your breasts will become filled with energy, they will radiate energy, they will become hot, and then immediately your vagina will respond. And only after your vagina responds and vibrates, will your kundalini start working. The route will be different and the way the kundalini will arise will be different.

In man it arises very actively, forcibly. That’s why they have called it a serpent rising. Very forcibly, suddenly, with a jerk, the serpent unfolds. And it is felt on many points. Those points are called chakras. Wherever there is resistance, the snake forces itself. Just as the penis enters the vagina, so the passage is similar for man. When the energy arises it is as if the penis inside is moving.

And the snake is a phallic symbol. Really, not to use direct language, not to call it penis, they have called it a snake. You must have heard the story of the Garden of Eden where the serpent persuaded Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Now scholars are working and they say that this serpent is also just a phallic symbol, used so as not to say it directly. So it is not a question, really, of eating the Fruit of Knowledge; it is a question of sexuality.

The same symbol has been used similarly in India: the serpent rises just like a penis erecting in jerks, and moving inwards.

This will not be the feeling for women. The feeling will be quite the opposite. As a woman feels when the penis has entered the vagina – the melting sensation, the welcoming, the vagina giving way, vibrating very, very delicately, in a very receptive mood, loving, welcoming – the same will be the phenomenon inside. When the energy rises, it will be a receptive, passive rise, as if a passage is opening – not a serpent rising, but a door opening, and a passage opening, and something giving way. It will be passive and negative. With men something is entering; with women something is opening, not entering.

But no one has worked on it, never before, because no one has taken any cognisance of women.

But for the future, I think that now it is a must – the feminine body should not be neglected. Much research and work is needed, but it is very difficult to work because of so much puritanical, moralistic nonsense. It is very difficult to work and to create a map of how the feminine body will respond to the phenomena.

But this is how I feel it will be; everything will be just the opposite. It must be so. It cannot be similar.

But the ultimate thing will be the same.


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