Integrating Ancient Wisdom in Modern Life: Thinking and Behaviour

  1. Our identity of false knowledge creates mind. Thinking and behaviour is from identity. We are friendly with people of the same identity or community or religion or country. We are enmity with not identical identity.
  2. Our identity is false so everything based on that is false. Complication and fight arises when different identities face each other and with one’s own identity. This identification is misery. It is as if one is identified with a shadow. Then the whole life becomes false. Your whole life is false, and the basic error is we are identified with false.
  3. Our cells are constantly programmed by the environment. Which changes our genetic and DNA impressions. This has a direct effect on our behaviour and thinking. It would be an advantage for others to control us.
  4. The good news is that we can decode and recode our genes and DNA. If we are unconscious of ourselves others will decode and recode our genes and DNA. If we are self-aware, with a discerning mind, we can decode and recode our genes and DNA. We take charge of ourselves to be self-disciplined. Others cannot control us but with freedom we can decide how to live and respond.
  5. Move from selfish limited identity to selfless individuality so that we can leave narrow vision and move towards broad vision. Living a broad vision is a meditative mind. As your vision becomes broader and broader you will know your purpose of life, self-realisation, becoming Purusha again.
  6. As long as knowledge remains in the conscious mind, it is knowledge. Once it sinks deep into your unconscious mind, it becomes one’s identity. To transcend this identity one needs to move into the subconscious mind with awareness, so that it becomes one’s  knowing.
  7. Your self-discipline can go deep into your subconscious mind through the practice of self-hypnosis and meditative mind. Then your thinking and behaviour will be governed by self-discipline.
  8. Laws of karma are good for good, bad for bad, no exceptions. Good karma’s reward and bad karma’s punishment are independent. The reward of good karma helps us to go through the punishment of bad karma with intensity and awareness. Law of karma is more important than the law of land. You cannot escape from the law of karma.
  9. The samsari, the enjoyer and the yogi live their lives on the basis of their awareness, meditative mind moves towards self-realisation and non-meditative mind moves away from self-realisation. Self-realised one will live a life of non-attachment. He lives in service of the universe. His treasure is within him. Everything belongs to him without any possession.

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