Integrating Ancient Wisdom in Modern Life: Desires are Beginningless

  1. From those three types of actions (good, bad and mixed) desires are expressed according to their fruits. As the actions take place, so do the desires. Desires can only manifest themselves in proper environments. Only those desires will come out for which the environment is fitted; the rest will remain stored up.
  2. Actions are based on both the intentions and actions behind the intentions. This is because the actions arise from intentions only, they are not independent. Whether it is bad, good or mixed karma, one who focuses on the intention and not on action shows that they have the attachments or loyalty for that intention. Seeds of attachment or loyalty become addictions. This addition becomes your deep unconscious desire. The unconscious deep desire that comes in the form of footprints of our actions and serves as the blueprint of our lives.
  3. Combination Casula and subtle bodies carry the blueprint of the dead body into the new body. Each body acts as if it were a descendant of a series of bodies of that species only; thus, consecutiveness of desires is not to be broken.
  4. Desires are beginningless. Every living being wants their identity to be permanent. Problem is that we want our identity to be permanent, which is temporary. Except for our supreme consciousness everything is temporary. To be permanent in this temporary world is a desire.
  5. Desires are there because of cause, effect, support, and objects. And ignorance is the mother of desire. Eliminate mother. Ignorance is so profound and so ultimate that it cannot be destroyed. And once you understand it, you can rest in it. It is so beautiful, it is so relaxing… because then there is nowhere to go.
  6. Ignorance is believing that we are our identity, which has its utility. Bringing that understanding, wisdom and awareness of self, that what we try to hold and perceive as permanent is utility for self-realisation. It’s our vehicle to move from temporary to permanent.
  7. We need to maintain that but not to hold them. As soon as we realise that body, mind and senses are vehicles we will be grateful to all of them and with friendliness we use them as a vehicle to change our direction of ignorance into awareness.
  8. As soon as awareness becomes our inner guiding force, cause, effect, support, and objects can be eliminated. With the elimination of cause, effect, support, and objects, ignorance is also eliminated.

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