Welcome to our podcast! Today, we are honoured to have Dr. Phil Subrata Banerjee as our eminent guest. With an extensive profile and a wealth of experience, we invite Dr. Subrata to introduce herself and provide an overview of her background and research interests. – Her extensive corporate and academic experiences in Asia, Europe and South-East Asia, building highly Effective, Motivated & Progressive teams. Building synergies between International Relations, Global Market, Educational Institutions and Scalable Systems with clear Research as well as Business vision.

She is a Fellow of Singapore Management University. Also has vast experience in STEM universities and She is a LIBERAL ARTS pioneer.

She prefers to say that she “reflectively resides” in a number of what the more enlightened few have identified as “problem zones” to call Modern Entangled History: this also goes for Cultural Migration, Anthropology, Linguistics Research, Socio-economic settings for Scientific Research, Indo-European Socio-Religious-Cultural Exchange, and the emergence of Scientific Culture. 

She has intertwined the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) in a new pathway.

Her work has gained positive acclaim in academia such as her book “The Development of Aryan Invasion Theory in India” A Critique of Nineteenth-Century Social Constructionism published by Springer Nature. Apart from this she has also published monograph, Several Book Chapters, Journals Papers, and News Paper Articles in Singapore Business Times, Cambridge University Press etc.

She has forwarded plenary talks and Keynote speeches including NUS, S. P Jain School of Global Management, NTU, GRDS, IAS and IIT etc.

She has completed her Ph.D. in Liberal Arts focused on Modern Entangled History on the topic of “The acceptance and proliferation of the Aryan invasion theory in India” from RWTH Aachen University, Germany with two postdoctoral stints on Creativity, Entrepreneurship/SMEs, and Family-oriented Business from Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School, Singapore respectively.

Topics Covered:

  1. We know that you have shown a new pathway of Aryan Invasion Theory in your research so my 1st question to you is – Will you please explain what is that new perspective of your research on Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT)?
  2. Can you please give a brief overview of Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT)?
  3. What is the Significance of Prior Research in this domain?
  4. What is your Unique Perspective of research on Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT)?
  5. Related to the unique perspective of research on Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) by Dr. Subrata today we will discuss a very unique and unknown topic “Brahmo Samaj as an actor in the dissemination of Aryan invasion theory (AIT) in India”
  6. Related to our previous discussion I would like to know from you what was the overall situation in 19th century Europe and how it was related to the AIT?
  7. What is Max Muller’s Science of Language?
  8. Will you please let us know the Development of Aryans Myth?

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