Meditation and Life


Welcome to “Zorba the Buddha: Bridging Worlds with Osho Series,” brought to you with love by Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre and Osho Fragrance. I am Dhwani, elated to steer this vessel of awakening where the sagacious teachings of Osho merge the mundane with the mystical.

In our episodes, we dance the delicate balance between life’s spirited Zorba and the serene Buddha through Osho’s transformative insights. This spiritual series is an invitation to delve into the heart of existence, discovering the joy of being, exploring the interplay of ‘Meditation and Life.’

Joining us today is Sw Narender Bhatia, a seeker who found rhythm in Osho’s philosophy during his student years, profoundly influenced by Sw Shailender Sarswati Ji since 2011. His internal voyage has paralleled his professional life as a chemist and educator. With an M.Sc in Chemistry and a B.Ed, Sw Narender embodies the integration of deep scientific inquiry with the vastness of spiritual experience.

Together, let’s expand the sails of consciousness in this soul-stirring series, uniting the wisdom of the ages with the whispers of the heart. We will discuss the symbiosis of meditation and daily living, an essential theme resonating throughout this series. Let the voyage begin.

Topic Covering

  1. How has Osho’s vision of meditation influenced your approach to teaching chemistry?
  2. Can you share a glimpse of your transformation since you started incorporating meditation into your daily life?
  3. What parallels do you draw between the empirical world of chemistry and the introspective world of meditation?
  4. How do you integrate the practice of meditation with the demands of being a District Science Specialist?
  5. In what ways has meditation impacted your ability to connect with and inspire your students?
  6. Could you describe a moment when meditation helped you overcome a significant challenge in your professional life?
  7. How do you balance the scientific method with the experiential knowledge gained through meditation?
  8. What advice would you give to someone in the scientific community who is sceptical about the benefits of meditation?
  9. Can you share how the teachings of Sw Shailender Sarswati Ji enhanced your understanding of Osho’s vision on “Meditation and Life”?
  10. Finally, could you offer a simple meditation technique that one can apply in the midst of a busy academic or professional schedule?

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