Fusing Physical and Spiritual Practices for Holistic Transformation


Step into the realm of holistic transformation with our podcast series “Zorba the Buddha: Bridging Worlds with Osho,” a splendid collaboration between Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre and Osho Fragrance. Today, we venture into the extraordinary world of Sw Manish Yodav, lovingly known as Sannyas name Sw Prem Manish, whose life journey embodies the exploration of the self and the union of physical and spiritual realms.

Sw Prem Manish’s quest for self-discovery has been a lifelong pursuit, guided by transformative encounters with spiritual mentors Maa Priyaji and Sw Shailedraji in 2018. Initiated into new dimensions of consciousness, his perception of life underwent a profound shift, leading him to integrate online meditation into his daily interactions with others.

As a seasoned Cloud engineer at Oracle India, Sw Prem Manish adeptly harmonises his corporate expertise with devoted spiritual exploration, all while cultivating his physical well-being. From his early days of wrestling with his father to his current regimen including gym workouts, swimming, and meditation classes, he has seamlessly integrated these practices into his transformative journey. Embark with us as we illuminate his inspiring path of blending physical and spiritual disciplines to cultivate holistic transformation, fortitude, and inner peace like never before.

Topic Covered:

  1. Can you share more about your journey of self-discovery and how meeting Maa Priyaji and Sw Shailedraji in 2018 impacted your life and spiritual path?  
  2. How has the fusion of physical practices like wrestling and fitness routines along with spiritual disciplines such as meditation contributed to your holistic transformation and inner peace?
  3. What role do online meditation sessions play in your daily life, and how they aid in your spiritual growth and connection with others?
  4. Could you elaborate on how you strike a balance between your demanding role as a Cloud engineer at Oracle India and your spiritual pursuits?
  5. How has your background in wrestling influenced your approach to discipline and resilience in both physical and spiritual aspects of your life?
  6. In what ways do you find that gym workouts, swimming, and meditation classes synergize to create a comprehensive approach to well-being and personal growth?

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