Silence Isn’t Empty. It Is Full Of Answers


Welcome to the “Zorba the Buddha: Bridging Worlds with Osho” podcast, presented by Dwarkadhish Holistic Centre in partnership with Osho Fragrance. Today’s guiding spirit is Sw Pooran, formerly known as Rajinder Kumar, a seasoned disciple on Osho’s path. With two decades of devotion, Sw Pooran has transitioned from the analytical world of mechanical engineering to the boundless realm of spiritual exploration.

A mentor and writer, he simplifies Osho’s profound wisdom, touching over three lakh hearts through his potent words on Facebook. Now retired from ONGC, Sw Pooran dedicates his journey to unlocking the enigmatic silence within us all.

In this episode, “Silence Isn’t Empty. It Is Full Of Answers,” we dive into the quietude that brims with insights, with Sw Pooran as our guide. Prepare to explore the untapped fullness of silence, where truth whispers the answers we seek. Join us in this transcendent dialogue where stillness speaks.

Topic Covered:

  1. Swami Pooran, could you share the moment of realisation that transformed Rajinder Kumar, the Chief Engineer, into a seeker of silence?
  2. In our constant search for answers, how can we distinguish between the noise of the mind and the silence that speaks truths?
  3. What practical exercises or meditation techniques can you recommend to our listeners to help them experience the fullness of silence?
  4. Could you delve into how the teachings of Osho have helped you interpret the silence within and understand its messages?
  5. Many fear the emptiness of silence, equating it to loneliness or void. How does one embrace the richness of silence instead?

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