Life: Uncharted And Unknown Possibilities

So there are three things to be understood. The first is that we do not have a single mind; we have many minds. Secondly, these minds are our past experiences. And thirdly, we cling to these multi-minds because of our fear of the unknown, because of the infinite possibilities of the future. The past is fixed because it has already happened. It is dead; you can deal with it. But you cannot deal with the future. The future is always unknown, uncharted. There are unknown, infinite possibilities about which you can never be certain.

Life means uncertainty, life means insecurity, life means to be in danger. Only a dead person is out of danger. Now he cannot become diseased, he cannot die, there is no death for him, he is at ease, everything has become certain. Now nothing else can happen, so there is no danger.

If you understand these two things – the certainty of the past and the uncertainty of the future – if you understand that life means uncertainty, life means insecurity, life means danger, life means uncharted and unknown possibilities; if you understand this, then by and by your minds will drop, they will cease to function, and you will become one, whole. By and by, your response will become total.

This total response is religiousness. It is a total response: every moment, in every situation. Be total within and be total without. The moment this happens, the totality within and the totality without become one. Then there is no barrier between you and the whole.

There can never be two perfections. The moment two perfections come close they become one. Wholeness is always one.

There is a saying in the Upanishads: “If you take the whole out of the whole, the whole remains behind.” Nothing is taken out, because you cannot take anything from the whole. Even if you take the whole, the whole remains behind. And you cannot add anything to the whole. If you add something to the whole, it will remain the same.

There is no method to become one with the whole. You are already that. All methods are to help you to understand. They are to create a situation in which you can understand yourself: your multiplicity, your polypsychic-ness. When you know yourself in your totality, only then can you know what is beyond this totality.

So the first thing to be seen is yourself. It you have not even seen yourself, then seeing the wholeness is not possible.

Will I be able to see the wholeness after doing meditation?

Yes. It will descend on you sometimes. When you are whole, the whole will explode in you. And this will go on becoming more natural as you continue to meditate. The gaps will be less, the intervals will be less.

Finally a moment of explosion will come from which there is no escape.

Can this happen through willpower?

Excerpted From The Eternal Quest CH: 10


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