When you are deeply in love your mind cease to be. There is no past; only the present moment becomes everything. – Osho. 


Be Real To Life, Not To Logic

I have heard that once it happened that a very great Zen mystic and master died. His disciple Rinzai was very well known, more known than his master. Really, this master was known because of Rinzai. Rinzai was a great man, famous all over Japan. When the master died, thousands and thousands of people gathered to pay their respects. They were surprised because Rinzai was weeping and crying, and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

Many friends said, “What are you doing? These people who have gathered are talking about you, and they say, “We cannot conceive of Rinzai weeping. We thought that he is a man who is totally unattached; we thought that he is a man who has renounced all attachments, and now he is weeping. This man Rinzai has been teaching us that the soul is immortal – that only the body dies, and the body is nothing: dust returns unto dust. So why is he weeping now?

They demanded an answer. They were logical, because if a man says that the soul is immortal, then death should have no meaning. “Then why are you weeping?” they said, “You say that no attachment is the key, so why are you attached to your master? Only the body has died, and you have been always teaching that the body is just dead matter. So why be worried about it? A dead thing has become dead.”

They demanded an answer, and they were logical. But what did Rinzai say? Rinzai said, “Your question is logical, but what can I do? The tears are coming down. I am weeping. I find myself weeping. Not only are you surprised: I am surprised. What can I do? This is how life is happening in me, and life is illogical.”

Rinzai said, “It is good that my master has died, as he has made me aware of my total life. Without him I was thinking that I was unattached. If he had not died, I could never have stumble upon the fact that I have a heart and that I have tears and that I can weep.

So, people, you are not the only one who are surprised. Rinzai himself is surprised. But I will not suppress life. I have been accepting life totally, and I still say the soul is immortal and only the body has died. Only the body is dead, but the body was also so beautiful! I am weeping for the body. Dust unto dust: really, I still say that dust has gone back to dust, but that dust had taken such a beautiful form that I am weeping for it.”

It is recorded in Zen chronicles that Rinzai proved to be real to life, not to logic.


Only through total acceptance can you grow.


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