Selfishness: The Only Unselfishness

“How is growth possible without this hope?” Growth is possible only without hope.

I understand your problem. You are saying, “If we don’t hope then we will not hope about growth also. Then how will growth happen if we don’t hope and don’t desire?” Growth does not need your hoping, your desiring. Growth needs your understanding; growth needs your awareness. Awareness is enough. If you are aware in this moment to whatsoever is happening, that awareness becomes the sun, and the tree of your being grows. That awareness becomes the water, the rain; and the tree of your being grows. That awareness becomes the food, the nutrition. That awareness is all that is needed for growth. A man grows because of awareness, not because of hopes.

The fourth question:

You said that you don’t “work” on people, so what is the meaning of having disciples?

A master is a catalytic agent: he does not work, but the work happens through him. He’s not the doer but just the situation where things happen. Do you think the sun rises and starts working on so many millions of trees?.comes to every flower, persuades it to open?.comes to every bud and forces it to open?.comes to every root, nourishes it? No. The sun may not even be aware, but trees grow, buds open, flowers start throwing their fragrance, the birds start singing – the whole world is awake. How does the sun function? Is the sun a doer?

I have heard a very old story that once Darkness went to God and said, “Enough is enough. I have not committed any crime – not that I know – so why does your Sun go on chasing me? Continuously, day after day, for millions of years it has been happening. I have come to complain. And I have not done anything wrong to the Sun. Why is he so against me?”

Even God had to concede: “This is true. Why should he be after you?” The Sun was called, and God inquired, “Why are you so much against Darkness? What do you go on chasing her for?”

The Sun said, “I never heard anything about Darkness. What do you mean? I have never encountered her. I don’t even know her! Chasing is out of the question. I am not even acquainted. Nobody has even introduced me. Please call her before me so I can see who this person Darkness is, and then I will remember and will not chase her.”

Excerpted From The Essence Of Yoga CH: 4


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