VBT – Meditation 1.1


Truth Is Indestructible


This is a simple technique to know the truth?


Truth is always here. It is already the case. It is not something to be achieved in the future. YOU are the truth just here and now, so it is not something which is to be created or something which is to be devised or something which is to be sought. Understand this very clearly; then these techniques will be easy to understand and also to do.

Mind is a mechanism of desiring. Mind is always in desire, always seeking something, asking for something. Always the object is in the future; mind is not concerned with the present at all. In this very moment the mind cannot move – there is no space. The mind needs the future in order to move. It can move either in the past or in the future. It cannot move in the present; there is no space. The truth is in the present, and mind is always in the future or in the past, so there is no meeting between mind and truth.


All these techniques of Shiva’s are simply turning the mind from the future or the past to the present.

When the mind is seeking worldly objects it is not so difficult, the problem is not absurd; it can be solved. But when the mind starts seeking the truth the very effort becomes nonsense, because the truth is here and now and the mind is always then and there. There is no meeting. So understand the first thing: you cannot seek truth. You can find it, but you cannot seek it. The very seeking is the hindrance.


To know the truth means to know that which is neither born nor dies, to know that eternal element which is always.


Sometime, do a small experiment; remove the I from the center for twenty-four hours, and place thou at the center. Just for twenty-four hours remember thou continuously. Even if a stone hits your foot, even if you are abused, even if someone throws burning coals at you, even if you are praised, even if someone bows down at your feet – for just twenty-four hours, remember that thou is at the center, not I. It will be a new beginning in your life. If this remembering could be possible for twenty-four hours – or even if you couldn’t do that, if it is for a full twenty-four minutes, you will not remain the same. 


Once you know the moments of tranquility of thou, you will never want to live with the I.

When the emphasis shifts from I to thou, it becomes much easier to realize pure consciousness. Or, if pure consciousness is attained, then the feeling immediately shifts from I to thou; that is why pure consciousness is called twam, thou.


Brahman, the ultimate reality, is truth.

It is infinite and the abode of knowing.

Truth is indestructible.


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