Mystery Of Death – In Gita Verse 8.25 The mystic who passed away from this world during the smoke, the night, the fortnight of the waning moon, or the six months when the sun passes to the south reaches the moon planet but again comes back.

In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 8.24, blog I wrote – Nobody can conceive that a man like Kabir can become a donkey. Wherever he dies, and wherever he lives, and wherever he is, and wherever he will be, he is in heaven.

In this verse Krishna says mystic who has left this world without experiencing death will not merge into the universe but expand himself. And he will come back again. He says that human beings can realize what death is before dying. In other words what Krishna is saying as human beings you can prepare for death consciously.

In this blog I will write about how we can prepare ourselves to die consciously: A way to consciously prepare for dying Voluntarily moving into a sense of dying – and discovering a paradox. When: At night, before going to sleep.

Perhaps you recall as a child playing at being a statue, when you remained frozen, absolutely still, hardly daring to breathe? This method is similar to that, with the slight difference that you are playing at being dead.

While it might remind you of the childhood game of statues, this meditation is valuable in that it enables you to move, on your own accord, into the experience that for many of us holds some fear. By deliberately and consciously entering the feeling of death you defuse the hold it may have had over you. The paradox is that when you say ‘yes’ to death and voluntarily move into it you will find that your life energy becomes only stronger.

Turn off the light, relax the body and for 5 minutes feel that you are dying. Imagine that you cannot move the body – even if you want to move your hand, you can’t. You are immobile…you are no longer alive.

Through this 5-minute experience you will feel a totally different quality of life. The body is dead but you are more alive than ever.

And when the body is dead, the mind stops thinking – because all thinking is associated with life. The body will be dead and you will just have a pure awareness, like a blue light. You will feel a blue light just near the third eye center, just a small blue flame. That is the purest form of light. And when that blue flame starts being there, fall asleep.

After 2-3 months you will be able to ‘die’ within 5 minutes.

Your whole night will be transformed into a death meditation, and in the morning you will feel so alive, more than ever before. This death meditation will make you aware that death is an illusion.

This is one of the greatest preparations for death. One day death will come: before it comes, be ready to die. You can accept and welcome and go into it with great love. Then death is the door to the divine.

Krishna says – The religious man, the mystic, tries to explore the mystery of death. In exploring the mystery of death, he inevitably comes to know what life is, what love is. Those are not his goals. His goal is to penetrate death, because there seems to be nothing more mysterious than death. Love has some mystery because of death, and life also has some mystery because of death.

If death disappears there will be no mystery in life. That’s why a dead thing has no mystery in it, a corpse has no mystery in it, because it cannot die anymore. You think it has no mystery because life has disappeared? No, it has no mystery because now it cannot die anymore. Death has disappeared, and with death automatically life disappears. Life is only one of the ways of death’s expression.


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