Types and Usage

In this universe, human being is familiar to various types of lighthouses. This lighthouses can be built different areas like onshore or in offshore. The types of lighthouses vary with different characteristics.

Various types of lighthouses are discussed below:

Round lighthouses:

Round lighthouses are commonly built by bricks. Sometimes these are sheltered by some metals. These metals are used during the original construction. Round lighthouses are built largely. It depends on the type of the soil. Big Sable Point, South Manitou Island and Manistee Pierhead are situated. 

Integral lighthouse:

Integral lighthouse is just like a house with a light. This lighthouse is very easy to build as there are no more tasks required to built this one. Once, these types of lighthouses were largely noticed. But, those are not much common today. In fact, from 1852 to 1853 many of the intregal lighthouses were replaced.

Texas tower:

These towers were built by steel. These are actually, offshore lighthouses.

Coastal lighthouses:

These lighthouses have some coastal features. Such as: point, capes and major islands. The size of the coastal light houses is not too much. These are medium is size.

Harbour light:

Harbour light houses are built with a view to help in the navigation process within the range of a harbor. These lighthouses are very small in size. Often, these light houses are situated in wharves or in piers. When this are located in such places then they are called as the wharf light or piers light.

Hazard Avoidance Light:

This light houses are responsible for marking for specific hazards. Such as, shoal, rocky points, dangerous islands and reef. Many of these lighthouses serve as hazard avoidance lights and also as the coastal avoidance light.

Leading light:

Among the different types of lighthouses, the leading light is such a light house which is used to fix the landmark in a waterway. Another name of these lighthouses is inland lights. In fact, inland lighthouse is more popular name of these.

Landfall light:

This one is too big in comparison to the other types of lighthouses. These largely sized lighthouses are seen as the mariner near land.

Range lighthouse:

These are actually two lighthouses which are just paired with each other. These lighthouses are considered as safer than the others as one light house can provide light to other. So, these can be seen easily.

Sector light:

These lighthouse can change the color of its light when the mariner moves.

So, these are the various types of lighthouses which are commonly noticed though the lighthouses are not so common at present in comparison to the previous ages.


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