A Zen student came to Bankei and complained: “Master, I have an ungovernable temper. How can I cure it?”

“You have something very strange,” replied Bankei. “Let me see what you have.”

“Just now I cannot show it to you,” replied the other.

“When can you show it to me?” asked Bankei.

“It arises unexpectedly,” replied the student.

“Then,” concluded Bankei, “it must not be your own true nature. If it were, you could show it to me at anytime. When you were born you did not have it, and your parents did not give it to you. Think that over.”

Be Self-Motivated

After reading the story who felt that they are also working on their TEMPERAMENT. When we are working on our Temperament our whole energy goes towards temperament but at the end we find that we have gone to worse. Why so?

Many things we have read regarding the Temperament but somehow we find difficult to come out of it. As we all are working on what is not and not on what is real i.e. our true nature.

Do you realize from the story that Temperament is Illusion. We all are identified and attach to our Temperament.

Science says – If you are angry focus on your breath and you will calm down. Read again and you will get the hint from story and from scientific statement.

Breath is real not anger. So focus on breath you will be in touch with your True Self. Your True-Self is silent. So once your focus changes from unreal to real you will calm down.

Another thing what student says is – It arises unexpectedly – means when you are unconscious of yourself it arises. If you will be self-conscious you will not find your Temperament. You will be always calm from within you and from that calmness your body will act.

When feeling self-conscious, one becomes aware of even the smallest of one’s own actions. A person with self-consciousness is calm and self motivated.

What is Self-Motivation?

Ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. People with self motivation can find a reason and strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing another to encourage them.

Learning from the story True Nature: Be Self-Motivated

Experience Learning

Importance Of Self Motivation:

Self-motivation will always lead one to success provided that one stays committed after being motivated. Self-motivation is of great help in fulfilling your own objectives and to make your life as you want. Let’s discuss how important self-motivation is for an individual.

The Oxford English dictionary definition of motivation is that it’s a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. It’s a desire or willingness to do something. Motivation is a psychological process reinforcing one to take action in order to accomplish one’s desired goals or objectives.

Self motivation definition is staying motivated due to one’s own interest. One should be a self motivated person, as self motivation is the key to living a satisfying life. Self motivation plays a vital role in one’s own life, as it enables one to make self-assessment as often as one can. The process of self assessment discloses one’s strengths and weakness by which one can strengthen more one’s strengths and begins to strive for overcoming weakness. In this way, self-motivation leads one to the desired success in life.

One of the main reasons why self motivation is important in your life is that it does not let you depend on others and you can achieve success in your own goals and objectives that you set on the basis of your abilities, while it aids you to eradicate your weakness that hinders your success. In this way, each and every objective you establish for yourself, thinking that it would be of great value and advantage to your life, will be fulfilled on the basis of your own acquired and improved skills.

Self motivated person or a self motivated learner can learn many things in life. The journey of exploring new ideas and gaining new information, knowledge will continue with him. Self motivation is a good way to develop a proper mindset that allows one to be a sensible person who can pass his life satisfactorily and deal with various situations effectively and efficiently.

Self motivation examples are many that show us how highly self motivated people have been able to change their lives and paved the ways for self development. It is therefore very important to remain self motivated to continue learning things that are supposed to be learnt. Being self motivated not only helps you aiming at your goals and objectives but also leads you to attain them successfully.


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