Die Without Passion – In Gita Verse 14.7 The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, O son of Kuntī, and because of this the embodied living entity is bound to material fruitive actions.

To understand Krishna’s verse we will go through Buddha’s following Sutra.

Those who have passions are never able to perceive the way, for it is like stirring up clear water with hands. People may come there wishing to find a reflection of their faces, which however they will never see. A mind troubled and vexed with passions is impure, and on that account it never sees the way. O monks, do away with passions. When the dirt of passion is removed the way will manifest itself.

Many things of tremendous import are said in this sutra. First Buddha says, Those who have passions are never able to perceive the way… What is passion? Passion is a sort of fever, a sort of trembling of your being, a sort of inner wavering. Passions mean you are not content as you are. You would like something else, you would like something more, you would like a different pattern of life, a different style. Then you think you will be happy and content.

A mind full of passion is a mind full of discontent with the present. A mind with passion, desires, hopes – but never lives; it postpones. It says tomorrow, always tomorrow. It is never here and now. A mind full of passion always goes on missing the present, and the present is the only reality there is. So a mind full of passion goes on missing reality. It cannot reflect that which is, it cannot reflect the truth, it cannot reflect the dhamma, the way. It cannot reflect the real; that surrounds you because you are never here.

Watch your mind: whenever there is a desire you have gone astray. You cannot be in the future, remember; you cannot be in the past, remember – that is impossible. That doesn’t happen in the way things are. That simply doesn’t happen. You cannot be in the past. Past is no more. How can you be in the past? But more or less you are always in the past. You are in the memory of the past. That is a way of not being, that is not a way of being. That is a way of not being. Or you are in the future, which is impossible because the future is not yet. How can you live in a house which is not yet?

But you live. Man goes on doing miracles. These are the real miracles. He goes on living in the past which is no more, and he starts living in the future which is not yet. You love the woman you have not found yet, or you go on loving the woman who is dead.

The mind either clings to the past or to the future. This is a way of not being. This is how we miss existence. This is how by and by we become phantoms, shadows, ghosts. Watch yourself. 

Living in the memories or living in imagination – that is the way of passion. Passion is a wavering either to the left or to the right, but never in the middle. And the middle is the truth, the present is the truth, the door to reality.

Buddha says: Those who have passions are never able to perceive the way… We are always on the way, there is no other way to be, but we never perceive that which we are always together with. We are always in God, but we never perceive God. God is so obvious. But we perceive everything except God, and he surrounds you, within and without. He is pulsating in everything. Only he is, but you cannot see him because you are never in the – real. You are unreal, so how can the unreal meet the real? A mind full of passion cannot meet with the real. And this continues.

Children are full of passion. One can understand, they are childish, they don’t know life yet. Young people are full of passion. One can forgive them too; they are yet too young. That means they are yet too foolish, they will have to learn. But even old people, dying on their deathbed, but still full of passion? – Then it is too much. An old man cannot be forgiven.

A child is okay, a young man can still be forgiven, but an old man? – Impossible to forgive. He has lived his whole life and he has not come to understand a simple fact, that you cannot be in the future and you cannot be in the past. He has lived his whole life and he has been frustrated each moment of it, and yet he goes on expecting. He has lived his whole life, desiring and desiring and desiring, and nothing has come out of it. Death has come and life has not yet arrived. He has been waiting only, preparing for life, it has not happened. Yet he goes on hankering for more life.

As I see many people, I have watched people dying – it is very rare that a person dies without passion. When a person dies without passion the death is beautiful. It has tremendous significance, it has intrinsic value. But people die ugly deaths. Even death cannot shake them out of their dreams and passions and fevers. Even death cannot make them realize what is happening.

Now that’s enough! To the very end dying people think of sex. There is some interconnection because sex means birth. So death and sex are really very deeply connected. If you have not been able to sort it out while you were fully alive, it will be very difficult to sort it out while you are dying because when death comes it also brings its polarity, its shadow.

Life starts with sex, life ends with death, and when death comes, the sex energy has a last bout. It becomes a flare. That very flare leads you into another life, the wheel starts moving again. Dying with a sexual, passionate mind, you are again creating a new life, a new birth. You have started seeking a womb. Sex means the search for a womb has started. You are not dead yet, but the search has started. Your soul is already preparing to take a jump into another womb.

Buddha says if you can die without passion you have broken the circle. You may never be born again. Or even if you are born it is going to be only once. Maybe a little karma is left, accounts have to be closed, things finished, but basically you are free.

Krishna is saying when the mind is free of passion, the mind is free. Freedom means freedom from passion. And only a free mind can see what is real. Only a free mind, free from passions, can see what is here.

Those who have passions are never able to perceive the way, for it is like stirring up clear water with hands. Have you ever seen a full moon at night, you go to the lake – everything is silent, not even a ripple on the surface of the lake and the moon is reflected so beautifully. Shake the water, create a few ripples in the water with your hands and the moon is divided into fragments, the reflection disappears. You may see silver all over the lake, but you cannot see the moon. Fragments and fragments, the totality is broken, the integration gone.

Human consciousness also can be in two states. One state is the state of passion: when there are many ripples and waves hankering for some shore somewhere in the future, or still clinging from some shore in the past. But the lake is disturbed, the surface is not calm, quiet and tranquil. The surface cannot reflect reality, it distorts. A mind full of passion is a mechanism for distortion. Whatsoever you see, you see through distortion.

Go to a lake on a full moon night and watch these two things in the lake. First see everything quiet, calm, the moon reflected, a tremendous beauty, and everything so still as if time has stopped. And everything is so present, as if only the present is. On a moonlit, full moon night, being on a faraway lake, just sitting there, you are going a little out of time and space. Then create ripples, or wait for a wind to come and distort. Then all reflection is gone or distorted. Then you go on looking – you cannot find the moon, you cannot figure out what the moon is like. You cannot make it out from the reflection.

These are the two states of the mind also. A mind without any thought, desire, passion, is quiet – quiet like a lake. Then everything as it is, is reflected. And to know that which is, is to know God, is to know the truth. It is all around you, you are just not in a state to reflect it.

Krishna says when your passions drop, by and by things start falling in line, they become integrated. And when the reflection is perfectly clear, you are liberated. Truth liberates; nothing else liberates. To know that which is, is to be free, is to be absolute freedom.

Dogmas cannot liberate you, creeds cannot liberate you, churches cannot liberate you. Only truth liberates. And there is no way to find the truth unless you have come to create a situation in yourself where that which is, is mirrored.


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