Individual Is Unique – In Gita Verse 14.15 When one dies in the mode of passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; and when one dies in the mode of ignorance, he takes birth in the animal kingdom.

Try to understand Krishna’s, this verse from our own life.

When we don’t recognize that we don’t know, we not only repeat our mistakes but also create more misery for ourselves. Generally what we do is we try to imitate others, run after knowledge, information, people, but never turn towards ourselves.

Whether it is passion or ignorance. If we don’t turn towards ourselves we have found that when we become obsessed with passion our behaviour is from all the types of attachments. When we don’t recognize our ignorance we become like animals who only live in their body, eating, shitting and sleeping.

Right now forget about the next birth, wake up to come out of your own misery. Drop your passion and recognize your ignorance. Remind yourself that you are unique. Existence wants you as you are. Existence has recognized you as you are.

The beauty and blessing of existence is that every single individual is unique. This is the beauty and the glory of existence. This is a blessing, that nobody like you has ever existed and will ever exist again. You are simply unique. Don’t waste this uniqueness in running after some goal, some shadow.

One never becomes ordinary. You can become extraordinary. The very process of becoming leads you away from being ordinary. So there is no, how as far as being ordinary is concerned. You are ordinary. You don’t have to become. You have to drop becoming, you have to start living. These are the two types of people in the world: those who are continuously becoming and in their very effort of becoming this and that, they are losing being what they are. They are losing time, life, energy, and their becoming is never going to end.

It is just like the horizon there, appearing so close that you can reach it – just a few more miles to go. But as you reach the few miles, you find the horizon has receded again, the distance remains always the same. The person who is caught in the net of becoming wastes his whole life, dies unfulfilled, in tremendous despair, because he can see that the whole life was there for him to live, but because of his desire to become something, someone, he sacrificed all that was freely available to him.

One does not become ordinary. You are ordinary. You are born ordinary, just like everything else in existence: animals, birds, trees. No bird needs to be ordinary. No tree asks, inquires how to be ordinary. But man asks for it. And this very process of becoming makes you insane.

Drop becoming anybody else. Drop the very idea that you have to be according to some discipline, some scripture, some theology. Forget completely that you have to be like Jesus or Buddha or Mahavira, and suddenly you will find you are who you are. Live it joyously, without any guilt. Existence wants you to be what you are. If existence wanted another Jesus he would have created thousands of Jesuses, there is no problem. He would have made Jesuses on an assembly line. But he makes only individuals. Existence never duplicates, never makes anybody similar to somebody else.

This is the beauty and the glory of existence. This is a blessing, that nobody like you has ever existed and will ever exist again. You are simply unique. Don’t waste this uniqueness in running after some goal, some shadow.

Now, because Krishna is telling you it is so beautiful to be ordinary, it is so joyous to be ordinary, you have made being ordinary also a goal. Your question would have been perfectly right if you had asked how to become a Jesus Christ, how to become a Buddha, how to become a great celebrity.

But the very processes of becoming and being ordinary are absolutely diametrically opposite to each other. You are where you are trying to reach. There is nowhere to go. You have not to become anybody. This very moment you are what existence wanted you to be. Don’t miss it. Enjoy it. All the religions have deceived humanity and created the idea of becoming in the mind of man. Once you get caught in the idea of becoming, then there is only misery, suffering, anxiety, anguish, despair, defeat, death.

That’s what has been happening to millions of people for thousands of years. 

Everybody was trying to become something. You cannot go against nature. You cannot in any way be anything other than what you are. The very effort of becoming something, someone, is absurd. But how have the religions managed to make this whole earth a madhouse? They gave you goals, they gave you great ideals you have to fulfil. It is impossible. By the sheer nature of things, it is impossible. But because it is impossible, far away, it becomes a challenge to your ego. The impossible has a tremendous attraction, but you are forgetting that it is impossible. It may have tremendous attraction because of its impossibility, but you are going to be a failure finally.

There are so many people who realise that they are alive only when they die. When they were alive they were so busy with so many things, they completely forgot about life. They remembered it only when they knew that only a few breaths are left – the heart is sinking, only a few beats more – that is the moment the realisation occurs to them, “What a fool I have been. The whole life has simply passed by my side. I have not drunk from its wine, I have not eaten its fruits, I am not even acquainted with its fragrance. What was it? And now it is too late.”

That’s why Krishna says only the ordinary being is capable of rejoicing, because his energy is not involved in any process of becoming. It is all available, it is overflowing. What can you do with overflowing energy? Sing, dance, rejoice.

Krishna’s insistence for ordinariness has tremendous implications you may not be aware of. By telling you to be just ordinary, Krishna is making you free from all strategies of religions, theologies, political ideologies. Krishna is cutting their very roots, even without mentioning it. If you are ready to be ordinary, nobody can exploit you. Nobody can push you in a direction which is not for you. Nobody can create a guilt in you. Nobody can say that something is wrong with you. Krishna is making you free from all kinds of parasites.

You are not stupid, you are not unintelligent, you are not powerless. You are just trying to do something which simply cannot be done.

Have you ever seen a dog trying to catch his tail? A dog is sitting, is in a thinking mood, contemplating; he sees the tail, becomes curious: “What is this?” Naturally, if human beings are doing such stupid things, you cannot expect a dog not to do a stupid thing. He tries to catch hold of the tail that is lying there, but as he tries, the tail moves away. He tries harder – that is logical – he jumps with as much force as possible, but he is simply amazed that the tail also jumps in the same proportion and the distance remains the same. But I think dogs are not so idiotic. After a few efforts he realises that this is not possible. He drops the idea, forgets about the tail. It is his own tail, there is no problem. But man goes on and on, chasing something, a shadow.

No, don’t make ordinariness a goal somewhere away from you, so that a path is needed, a discipline is needed; so that you have to follow a leader, you have to listen to a priest, you have to change your habits, you have to fit with the goal. Nobody in the whole history has ever succeeded in becoming anybody else. And it is good that everybody has failed, because even if one man had succeeded, he would have proved all the religions right. One exception would have been enough. If one can succeed, then why not others? History totally supports me. Without exception, everybody has failed-except those few rare people who have never tried to become anybody, who simply lived ordinarily without any plan, without any tomorrow, without any ideals, without any philosophy, who have simply lived.

Krishan says living is a religion. Living herenow, and living as you are without any conditions, without any qualification, that’s his message.


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