I am not sure whether I like cats or not. Though the big cats of the jungle, the leopard, the tiger, the panther, and the lion inspire awe.
The majesty of their creation and the ferocity they show. The sheer power which I know is tempered by the laws of nature.

At the end of the day, I sit on my recliner, and a sense of overwhelm sets in.
An overwhelm of gratitude. For everything, for everyone in my life.
The friends who care and send me a message when I disappear into myself, who care to poke me into movement and writing and slightly or strongly tapping my head to set it right again.

These are my friends who I cherish and am grateful for.
Days start and begin and softly end to flow into another
The moon softly shines in reflected glory and what does the cat see perched on his branch? Maybe a lot and maybe nothing

Sometimes we require to look at things from a different perspective. Maybe the moon is looking at the cat? Or maybe it is not a cat at all…

I look at me.
Are we not made up of 70% water. I cry and cleanse. I flow and let go. Tears make it easy to do so.
I can surely be Fire too. I have burned, adapted and tamed what required to be tamed within me and ignited flames of passion. Carved my own path too.

And am I not Air? I breathe and see. Observe and focus and decide and walk towards what I desire.
And then I remember that I am a daughter of the Earth.
I then ground myself. Gifting with abundance and joy. I build and I heal. And allow others who come to me to heal at their own pace.

I look up at the all-encompassing Universal energy, the unknown, yet deeply felt Spirit. I am this too.
And I bow my head in deep gratitude. I still myself. I listen. I hear clearly. I know. It’s a deep connect.
I fly.

Heart Speak
My heart whispers to my soul, are you there?
Yes, she replies. I am here waiting for you
Come touch me, join me in the depths.
This is where love resides, come and be whole

Yes, I am here. Waiting for you to find the door.
You know, the one you’ve been searching for
Behind this door is the love you seek
Come open it now and take a peek

I open the door and gasp with fright
As in blinded with a pure vibrant light
It’s at that moment when I meet my soul
It’s the love I seek that makes me whole

The perfection is revealed and lays at the core
A life lived richly, truthfully and raw
I embrace my soul and my heart sings its song.
We are one again, we are home, where we belong. (Anon)


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