Yesterday is gone and took away its tale
Today, we must live a fresh story again

Since a young girl, Krishna has fascinated me and this fascination increased as I grew older.

His many loves, his intelligence, his charm, his flute, and his immense presence. His revered dark skin in a country,
obsessed with fair.

When younger the fun of our colony brethren climbing a human pyramid was fun with cheering and booing. With sweets being handed out and devotional songs in the background.

As I grew, my foray into psychology and study of the mind became more passionate and I understood that awareness was and is a prime facet of learning. It is impossible to be unconscious of the conscious

And awareness is a gift you should have the courage to give yourself.

Krishna symbolizes supreme consciousness

An awareness of each moment and each movement.
Primarily of your thought energy.
I have experienced moments of heightened awareness and they are unexplainable.
The feeling of being pure-consciousness may have lasted for a few minutes and all I can say is that I am lucky.

Such moments feel light and intense. Pure orgasmic. It’s a sensation of being one with all forces of nature.
The earth, the skies, the water, and the horizon.
And you do not know which or what you are.

The colour of love is divine. Once you are sprinkled with it, it tints your soul in amazing hues.

The metaphorical darkness of Krishna’s skin was only so that his brilliance didn’t blind us.

“In my travels, I spent time with a great yogi
Once he said to me Become so still you hear the blood flowing
Through your veins

One night as I sat in quiet, I seemed on the verge of entering a world inside
So vast I know it it’s the source of All Of Us”

“They tell her how lucky she is to have him.
He tosses garlands of jasmines around her neck
Spins her around, mesmerizes everyone with his flute
She traces the flowers on her garland
She plucks one blossom from the thread, holds it to the sun.
She crushes the bloom, releasing perfume into her hands
She inhales the crinkled petals and lets them fall.
Just as she weaves the garland through her long braid,
There is a tug at her wrist
As the music starts again” By Ashini Desai

Life is so filled with love and beauty
Pure consciousness is attainable.
Pure love through pure intent is Krishna


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