Of course, the world is full of problems. But on the other hand it’s important to get the sense… are we generally moving in the right direction or the wrong direction?

– Bjorn Lomborg

Small Things

Once it happened that a man was very ill. The illness was that he continually felt that his eyes were popping out and ears were ringing – continually. By and by, he became crazy because it went on twenty-four hours a day. He couldn’t sleep; he couldn’t do his work.

So he consulted doctors. One doctor suggested, “Remove the appendix,” so the appendix was removed, but nothing happened. Another suggested, “Remove all the teeth,” so all his teeth were removed. Nothing happened; the man simply became old, that’s all. Then somebody suggested that tonsils should be removed. There are millions of advisers, and if you start listening to them they will kill you. So his tonsils were removed, but nothing happened. Then he consulted the greatest doctor known.

The doctor diagnosed and he said, “Nothing can be done because the cause cannot be found. At the most you can live six months more. And I must be frank with you, because all that could be done has been done. Now nothing can be done.”

The man came out of the doctor’s office and thought, “If I only have six months to live, then why not live well?” He was miser and he had never lived, so he ordered the latest and biggest car; he purchased a beautiful bungalow, he ordered thirty suits, he even ordered shirts to made to order.

He went to the tailor who measured him and said, “Thirty-six sleeves, sixteen collar.”

The man said, “No, fifteen, because I always use fifteen.”

The tailor measured again and said, “Sixteen.”

The man said, “But I have always used fifteen.”

The tailor said, “Okay then, have it your own way, but I tell you, you will have popping eyes and ringing in the ears!” And that was the whole cause of his illness!

You are missing the divine not for very great causes – no! Just a fifteen collar – and eyes cannot see, they are popping; and the ear cannot hear, they are ringing. The cause of man’s illness is simple, because he is addicted to small things.

“It is true that every effort is not turned into success.
But it is equally true that Success does not come without effort…”


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