VBT – Meditation 81.5

The Opposite

Surrender to a stone and it will happen. It is very dangerous to tread this path unless you do it under the guidance of a true master.

Truth is so infinite, so great, that no partial statement can contain it; the opposite has to be included immediately. The whole will always be contradictory, only the part can be consistent – because the whole has to consider the opposite also. The opposite is there. It exists.

Philosophers can be consistent because their understanding is partial. They can be neat and clean, they can afford to be logical. Master cannot afford it, because if he tries to be consistent immediately the whole thing becomes untrue. The opposite has to be involved, the opposite has to be absorbed.

For example, when the Master says: “Surrender and I will do the rest,” this is one part. Why is he saying it? He is saying it so that you can surrender totally. If you can feel this and trust this, that the remaining shall be done, your surrender can be complete.

If you have a fear, a distrust, then even after surrender you will have to do something, then the surrender cannot be complete. If after surrender you have also to do something, then you have to retain yourself, you have to hold back – surrender cannot be total. And when surrender is not total it is not surrender at all. Surrender can only be total, you cannot surrender in part. You cannot say: “I surrender half” – Because the half that has been retained will be against the surrender. It can only be retained against it.

So surrender can only be total. It is just like a circle, a geometric circle. It cannot be half; you cannot draw a half circle. If you draw it you cannot call it a circle. A circle must be complete. Half, then it is something else, not a circle at all. Surrender can only be total. It is also a circle, a spiritual circle. You surrender from end to end. Nothing is left behind.

To help this, Master says: Surrender, and the remaining will be done by me. The emphasis that he shall do – you simply surrender – is to make your surrender total. But he knows that if you have surrendered, there is no need for anything to be done, not even on his part. Surrender itself is the thing, nothing else is needed. The very phenomenon of surrendering is enough.

Now no help is needed. Everything will be done by surrender itself. Surrendering means you are no more, surrendering means the ego has been dropped. Surrendering means that now the center has been dispersed; you exist – but without a center. If there is no center there is nothing to protect; the walls drop by themselves. If there is no one, your whole structure of defense disappears by and by; it becomes futile. You become an open space.

This open space will do everything, this openness will do everything. The divine will pass through you unhindered. It can move through you, in and out – there is nobody to create any barrier. Surrendered, you become open to the divine forces. Everything happens spontaneously after that.

The problem is surrendering. After surrendering there is no problem. So he is not needed to help you. Nothing is needed. That’s why he goes on contradicting himself and he says he doesn’t do anything. There is no need. Now you can look at the whole.


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