VBT – Meditation 91.1

Blue Light


Far above, below – everywhere around your form. If you can see that blue light around you, thinking will stop immediately, because for the etheric body, no thinking is needed. And the blue light is so calming, so soothing, so relaxing. Even ordinarily blue light is so soothing. Why? – Because it is the light of your etheric body. The blue sky is so soothing. Why? – Because it is the color of your etheric body. And the etheric body is very soothing.

Whenever someone loves you, whenever someone touches you with deep love, he touches your etheric body. That’s why you feel it as such a soothing thing. It has even been photographed. Two lovers in deep love, making love: if their intercourse can continue for a certain limit, beyond forty minutes, and there is no ejaculation, around both the bodies, deep in love, a blue light appears. It has even been photographed.

And sometimes there have been very strange phenomena, because this light is a very subtle electric force. All around the world, many times it has happened; that a new couple, staying in a new room on their honeymoon, or on their first night when they don’t know each other’s body and they don’t know what is possible…. If both the bodies are in a certain vibration of love, of attraction, of deep involvement and commitment – open, vulnerable to each other, ready to become one space – then sometimes it has happened accidentally that their bodies have become so electrified, their etheric body becomes so alive, that things in the room start falling.

Very strange phenomena: a statue is there on the table – suddenly it falls down. The glass on the table suddenly breaks. There is no one else, only the couple making love, and they have not even touched the glass. Or suddenly something catches fire. These cases have been reported to many police stations all around the world, and much investigation has been done, and then it was found that two persons in deep love can create such an electric force that it may affect things around them.

That force also comes through the etheric body. Your etheric body is your electric body. Whenever you are overflowing with energy, you have a bigger range to your etheric body. Whenever you are sad, depressed, you don’t have any etheric body near your body. It recedes back into the body. So with a sad person, depressed person, you will also feel sad. If a really sad person enters this room, you will feel that something has gone wrong, because his etheric body affects you immediately. He becomes an exploiter, because his own etheric forces are so depressed they start feeding on others.

A sad person will make you sad, a depressed person will make you depressed, an ill person will make you ill, because it is not only that which you see that he is; something hidden is constantly working. Even if he has not said anything, even if he is smiling outwardly, if he is depressed he will exploit you. Your etheric body will lose its energy – he will exploit, he will feed on you. When someone is happy and he enters, immediately you feel happiness around you, because he is throwing so much etheric force. He is really giving you a feast; he is feeding you. He has so much he is overflowing.

When a Buddha moves around, or a Christ, or a Krishna, they are constantly giving you a feast, constantly you are guests. And when you come after seeing a Buddha, you feel so refreshed, so alive, so vitalized, so rejuvenated. What has happened? Buddha may not have said anything. Even a darshan, just a look, and you feel something has changed within you, something has entered within you.

What is entering? He is so overflowing with his energy…. And whosoever is at peace with himself is always overflooded, because his energy is not wasted in unnecessary nonsense in which you are wasting your energy. He is always overflooded, and whosoever comes can take. Jesus says, ‘Come unto me. If you are heavily burdened, come unto me. I will unburden you.’ Really he is not doing anything; it is just his presence.

It is said that whenever a god-man, a teerthankara, an avatar, a Christ, moves on the earth, around him a particular milieu is created. Jain yogis have even measured it. They say it is twenty-four miles. Twenty-four miles is the radius around a teerthankara, and for twenty-four miles in the whole radius everyone is flooded with his energy: knowing, not knowing, friend or enemy, following him or opposing him, it makes no difference.

If following, you are flooded more, because you are more open; if opposing, you are flooded, but not so much because you are closed – but the energy is flooding. A single man is such a reservoir; a single man, if undisturbed, silent, at ease, at home, is such a reservoir that for twenty-four miles around him in all directions a milieu is created. And in that milieu you are on a constant feast.

This happens through the astral body. The astral body is your electric body. The body that we see is the physical, the material. This is not really life. Life comes to this body because of the electric, the etheric body. That is your prana, that is your vitality.


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