VBT – Meditation 63.2

Try With Objects

In the beginning you will feel a certain strain – if you try to look through the eyes. Not only will you feel a strain; the person you look at will also feel a strain.

If you look at someone through the eyes, he will feel as if you are trespassing upon him, as if you are doing something unmannerly. If you look through the eyes, the other will become aware suddenly that you are not behaving properly, because your look will become piercing, your look will go deeper.

If it comes from your depth, it will penetrate to the other’s depth. That is why society has a built-in security: don’t look too deeply into anyone unless you are in love. If you are in love, you can look deeply into the other; you can penetrate to the very depth because the other is not afraid. The other can be naked, totally naked, the other can be vulnerable, the other can be open to you. But ordinarily, if you are not in love, you are not allowed to see directly, to see penetratingly.

In India, a person who looks in such a way, penetratingly at someone, is called a LUCHCHA. A LUCHCHA means a seer. The word LUCHCHA comes from LOCHAN; LOCHAN means eyes, and LUCHCHA means one who has become eyes towards you. So don’t try it on someone you don’t know; he will think you are a LUCHCHA.

First try with objects – a flower, a tree, the stars in the night. They will not feel trespassed upon and they will not object. Rather, they will like it and will feel very good and appreciated. First try with them, then with loving persons – your wife, your child. Sometimes take your child into your lap and look at him through the eyes, and the child will understand. He will understand more than anyone else because he is still uncrippled by the society, still unperverted, still natural. He will feel deep love if you look through the eyes; he will feel your presence.

Look at your lover or beloved, and then only, by and by, as you get the feel of it and as you become more artful about it, you will be able to look at anyone – because then no one will be able to know that someone has looked so deeply. And once you have this art of standing always alert behind your senses, the senses cannot deceive you. Otherwise the senses deceive you.

In a world which is just an appearance, they have deceived you to feel it as real. If you can look through the senses and remain alert, the world will by and by appear to you as illusory, dream-like, and you will be able to penetrate to the substance – to the very substance of it. That substance is the BRAHMAN.

Our sensitivity is a door to our inner being and the outer universe as well, but we are always occupied. Our mind is always busy with useless things, which suck our energy and make us totally insensitive to this amazing universe we are gifted with. There is another Shiva sutra: Vismayo Yoga Bhumika (the preface for Yoga is wonderment). Yoga life begins with a sense of wonder. Wonderment is essential nourishment to all our senses, which make our being fully alive and vibrant.

We can live a life of illumination.


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