VBT – Meditation 85.4

Total Aloneness

Alone, you exist.

This aloneness Mahavir has called KAIVALYA, total aloneness. Why alone? – Because everything is involved, absorbed, has become you. You can express this state in two ways. You can say, ‘Only I am. Aham Brahmasmi – I am the God, the divine, the total. Everything has come unto me; all the rivers have dissolved into my ocean. Alone I exist. Nothing else exists.’ Sufi mystics say this, and Mohammedans could never understand why Sufis say such things. A Sufi says, ‘There is no God. Alone I exist.’ Or, ‘I am the God.’ This is a positive way of saying that now no separation is there.

Buddha uses a negative way. He says, ‘I am no more. Nothing exists.’

Both are true, because when everything is included in me, there is no sense in calling myself. The I is always opposed to the YOU; I is always opposed to THOU. In relation to YOU it is meaningful.

When there is no YOU, I become meaningless. So Buddha says there is no I, nothing exists. Either everything has become you, or you have become a non-being and you dissolve into everything.

Both the expressions are true. Of course, no expression can be totally true, that’s why the opposite expression is always also true. Every expression is partial, part; that’s why the opposite expression is also true – that too is part of it. Remember this. Whatsoever you express may be true and the opposite also may be true – the very opposite. Really, it is bound to be true, because every expression is only a part.

And there are two types of expression: you can choose the positive or you can choose the negative.

If you choose the positive, the negative seems to be untrue. It is not; it is complementary. It is not really opposed to it. So whether you say Brahma – the total – or you say Nirvana – the nothingness – it is the same. Both connote the same experience, and the experience is this – thinking no thing, you come to know it.

Some basic things have to be understood about this technique. One: thinking, you are separated from existence. Thinking is not a relation, it is not a bridge, it is not a communication – it is a barrier.

Non-thinking you are related, bridged; you are in communion. When you are talking to someone, you are not related. The very talk becomes a barrier. The more you talk, the further away you move.

If you are with someone in silence, you are related. If the silence is really deep and there are no thoughts in your mind and both the minds are totally silent, you are one.


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