VBT – Meditation 9.3

Deep Silence

This sutra says, do not stand behind, move in the act and become the sucking. Try anything that will work. You are running – become the running, do not be the runner. Become the running and forget the runner. Feel that there is no runner inside, just the process of running. You are the process, a river-like process running. Nobody is there inside. It is quiet inside and there is only a process.

Sucking is good, but you will feel that it is very difficult because we have forgotten it completely – but not really completely, however, because we go on substituting for it. The mother’s breast is substituted by a cigarette; you go on sucking it. It is nothing but the nipple, the mother’s breast and the nipple. And when the warm smoke flows in, it is just like warm milk.

So those who were not really allowed to suck the mother’s breast as much as they wanted will smoke later on. This is a substitute, but the substitute will do. While you are smoking a cigarette it becomes – the sucking. Forget the cigarette, forget the smoker: become the smoking.

There is the object you are sucking, there is the subject who is sucking, and the process in between of sucking. Become the sucking, become the process. Try it. You will have to try it with many things; then you will find out what is right for you.

You are drinking water, the cold water is going in – become the drinking. Do not drink the water.

Forget the water, forget yourself and your thirst, just become the drinking – the very process.

Become the coolness, the touch, the entry, and the sucking that has to be given to the process.

Why not? What will happen? If you become the sucking, what will happen? If you can become the sucking, immediately you will become innocent, like a first-day, newly-born child – because that is the first process. You will be regressed in a way. But the hankering is there. The very being of man hankers after sucking. He tries many things, but nothing helps because the point is missed. Unless you become the sucking, nothing will help. So try it.

Sucking is so beautiful, and such deep silence is created by it.

Only in deep silence there is a merger and a meeting and the boundaries dissolve. Something of the Universe enters you, and something of you enters the Universe.

If you talk, and talk, and talk, you don’t allow the Universe to enter. And you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable. But it is natural when you come to see meditation for the first time and suddenly you feel that you cannot talk, that you cannot communicate through words. You feel as if you are not communicating at all, because all your life you have been communicating through words and you don’t know that there is another dimension of communion, there is another way. With meditation words are useless.

To be with the Universe, the only way is to be in deep silence, deep receptivity, in a deep opening so that Universe can pour himself into you. If you are too full of words and talking too many things, you will miss the Universe. Silence is the language of the Universe.


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