VBT – Meditation 104.5

Tower Of Babel

The Bible says this, the Gita says exactly the contrary. Mohammed says this, Mahavir is just the opposite. They have contradicted. You are no longer anywhere. You don’t belong, you are simply standing there confused. No path is yours. In such a state of mind, system-destroying can be helpful. Hence the great appeal of Krishnamurti in the West. He does not have so much appeal in the East because the East is still not as confused as the West, because the East is still not as educated about others. The West is obsessed about knowing about others. They know too much.

Now no system is real, they know that everything is a make-believe, and once you know it, it will not work.

Krishnamurti appeals to them because he says leave all systems. If you can leave all systems you will become unconfused – but it depends on you. It may happen, as it happens almost always, that all the systems will remain there and this new system of destroying all systems will also enter. So one more disease is added.

Jesus goes on speaking, Krishna goes on speaking – and then Krishnamurti also enters. Your mind becomes the Tower of Babel – so many tongues and you cannot understand what is happening. You just feel crazy.

If you can believe in a system, so far so good; if you cannot believe in any system, then drop all.

Then be completely clean, unburdened. But don’t be just in the middle of these two alternatives.

And it appears that everyone is just in the middle. Sometimes you move to the right, sometimes to the left, then again to the right and then to left – just like the pendulum of a clock. You go from this side to that, this side to that. This movement may appear to you that you are proceeding. You are not proceeding anywhere. Every step cancels some other step, because when you move to the right and then to the left you go on contradicting yourself. In the end you are just confused, puzzled, and chaotic.

Either be unburdened completely – that will be helpful. You will be clean, innocent, childlike, and you can fly – or if that understanding seems too dangerous to you, if you are afraid of unburdening because that will lead you into a vacuum, into an emptiness, if that unburdening looks dangerous and you are scared, then choose a system. But there are many who go on saying to you that everything is the same – the Koran says the same, the Bible says the same, the Gita says the same, their message is the same. These people are the great confusers. The Koran, the Bible, the Gita, they don’t say the same, they are systems. Clear-cut systems. Different. Not only different, but sometimes contradictory and opposite.

For example, Mahavir says that non-violence has to be the key. If you are violent, even slightly violent, the door of ultimate reality is closed for you. This is a technique. To become totally non-violent needs a complete cleansing of your mind and body – both. You have to be purified completely, only then will you become non-violent. This process of becoming no-violent will purify you so totally that the very process will become the end.

Just the opposite is Krishna’s message. He says to Arjuna, “Don’t be afraid of killing because the soul cannot be killed. You can kill the body but you cannot kill the soul. So why be afraid? And the body is already dead, so that which is dead will be dead and that which is alive will remain alive. You need not be concerned. It is just a play.” He is also right, because if you can come to realize this point – that the soul cannot be destroyed – then the whole life becomes a play, a fiction, a drama.


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