VBT – Week’s Meditation 104

Trick To Escape

And if the whole life becomes a drama, even murder and suicide become a drama to you, not just in thinking, but you realize the fact that everything is just a dream. Death too will make you a witness, and that witnessing will become transcendence… you will transcend the world. The whole world becomes a drama – there is nothing good, nothing bad, just a dream. You need not worry about it.

But these two things are totally different. They lead to the same point ultimately but you should not mix them. If you mix them, you will suffer. System-makers have been there to help you, system-destroyers have been there to help you. But it seems that no one has been able to help. You are such, so adamant and so cunning, you always find some loopholes to escape through.

Buddha and Krishna and Jesus – every century they go on teaching certain things. You go on listening but you are very clever. You listen and yet you don’t listen. And you always find something, some hole, from where you can escape. Now the trick of the modern mind is that if there is a system, if Gurdjieff is teaching, then people will go to him and say, “Krishnamurti says no system.”

These same people will go to Krishnamurti – Krishnamurti teaches no-system – and they will say, “But Gurdjieff says that without a system nothing can be done.” So while near Gurdjieff they use Krishnamurti as a loophole to escape; while near Krishnamurti they use Gurdjieff as a trick to escape. But they are not deceiving anybody, they are simply destroying themselves.

Gurdjieff can help, Krishnamurti can help, but they cannot help against you. You must be certain about certain things. One, either you need help or you don’t need it. Second, either you can move into the unknown without any fear or you cannot. And third, without any method, without any technique, without any system, can you proceed a single inch or can’t you? These three things you have to decide within you: analyze your mind, open it, look into it and decide what type of mind you have got. If you decide that you cannot do it alone then you need a system, a master, a scripture, a technique. If you think that you can do it alone then there is no need for anything else.

You are the master, you are the scripture, you are the technique. But be honest, and if you feel that it is impossible to decide – it is not easy to decide – if you feel confused, then first try a master, a technique, a system. And try it hard, to the very extreme, so that if something is going to happen, it happens. If nothing is going to happen then you come to a point where you can decide that now you will have all, you will be alone. That too will be good.

But my suggestion is that you should always start with a master, a system, a technique, because in both ways it will be good. If you can achieve through it, it is good; if you cannot achieve through it, then the whole thing becomes futile and you can drop it and then you can proceed alone. Then you will not need Krishnamurti to tell you that no master is needed, you will know it. Then you will not need any Zen teaching to tell you to throw away your scriptures and burn them, you will have already burned them.

So it is good to proceed with a master, with a system, with a technique – but be sincere. When I say be sincere I mean that you should do whatsoever you can do with a master, so that if something can happen, it happens. If nothing can happen, then you can conclude that this is not the path for you and you can move alone.


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