I Am The Fire!

The secret of joy is that if you can get absorbed in every activity that you do, you will find the same peace flowing in you and the same silence flowing in you that you find here. It has nothing to do with me. It has something to do with your getting absorbed, totally absorbed.

But it will be difficult, because you call other things trivialities. You have condemned them. Because of the condemnation, absorption will be difficult. Don’t condemn a thing. Respect, from the smallest to the greatest, because nothing is small and nothing is great. The great depends on the small and the small contains the great. Life is a hologram. The seed contains the whole tree, the whole blue-print of it.

Each small act contains the whole of life, all its depth, all the dimensions.

You ask me,

How do I keep the flow constant?

First just drop your condemnatory attitude and the flow will be constant. You need not keep it. You are disturbing the flow, not the trivialities – because there are none. You are disturbing the flow. Because something is trivial, so you do it half-heartedly, you drag yourself

A Zen master has said.. Somebody asked, “You have become enlightened, now what do you do?” And he said, “I chop the wood and I carry the water from the well. How wondrous it is, how miraculous it is!” But the man said, “But these are trivial things – chopping wood, carrying water from the well? I also do these. What is the difference then?” And the master said, “I used to do them before too, but the difference is great. Then I used to think these were trivialities, now they are not. It is my prayer, it is my meditation. Chopping wood, I am worshipping Buddha. Carrying water from the well, I am worshipping Buddha.”

If this attitude arises in you, the flow will keep itself flowing.

The sixth question:

What is the difference between a child and a buddha?

There are great similarities and great differences.

The child is as innocent as a buddha. They are as full of wonder.Buddhas are as full of wonder as any child. The child functions from a state of not-knowing, so functions a buddha – but there are differences too, and great differences.

Excerpted From The Wisdom Of The Sands, Vol. 2 CH: 9


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