Types And Usage

The classification of different types of seeds can be based on the shape of the seeds, the use of the seeds, or according to the plant that will grow out of the seed.

Given below are the two major categories of seeds; seeds used for plantation and seeds used for eating. Also, there are pictures of some attractive-looking seeds, which you can collect.

Types of Seeds for Plantation
With organic farming gaining popularity day-by-day, the planters are left with two choices: whether to go for genetically modified hybrid seeds or to opt for organic seeds to get an organic yield.

Seeds for Growing Grass
Seeds for Growing Grass – Dry grass seeds, new grass seeds

Seeds for Growing Herbs
Seeds for Growing Herbs – Fennel, Coriander, Holy basil
Herbs add great flavor to a recipe.

Types of Edible Seeds
Some of the above types of seeds also fall in the edible seeds type, for example cereals, many fruits, and vegetable seeds are edible such as cucumber seeds and tomato seeds.

Seeds That Need to Be Cooked Before Eating
Seeds That Need to Be Cooked Before Eating – Garbanzo beans, Red Kidney beans, Borlotti beans
There are many seeds which need to be soaked for many hours. After some time these seeds sprout, and become edible.

Seeds That are Used for Making Beverages
Seeds That are Used for Making Beverages – Chia seeds, Rose hips, Coffee beans
There are some specific seeds which are not eaten, but used to make beverages. The most common example is of coffee beans. Coffee is one of the most popular beverage around the world and many prefer to grind these beans at home to make fresh coffee, rather than using the store-available powder. Similarly, chia seeds are used to make energy drink, while rose hips are used to make tea.

Seeds to Feed Birds
Seeds to Feed Birds – Millet, Niger seeds, Sunflower seeds

Some Interesting-looking Seeds
Many people tend to collect seeds which are beautiful.


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