Types and Usage

There are main 16 types of trees and their uses as follows. 
1. Banyan Tree
Banyan is the National Tree of India. It has the widest reaching roots of all known trees, easily covering several hectares.
2. Peepal Tree
Hundred of trees are protected as living natural monument in India and Peepal or is one of them. It is popularly known as the Bodhi Tree in India, under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.
3. Neem Tree
Neem tree is popularly known as the Miracle Tree. It is a useful tree in rehabilitating the waste land areas.
4. Arjuna Tree
Terminalia Arjuna tree is common throughout India especially in the sub Himalayan tracts and Eastern India.
5. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is the popular herb with the botanical name of Aloe barbadensis. Aloe Vera is used as the source of medicines for thousand of years.
6. Tulsi Plant
Tulsi is the sacred plant of India dearer to the Lord Vishnu. Tulsi symbolises purity. It is used for Ayurveda medicine.
7. Amla Plant
Amla is the wonder plant, a unique gift of the mother nature to the mankind. Its fruit is the richest source of Vitamin C.
8. Eucalyptus Tree
Eucalyptus is the tall evergreen tree. There are more than 700 species of Eucalyptus all over the world.
9. Indian Mahogany
Indian Mahogany is a fast upright growing tree with a broad rounded symmetrical crown.
10. Indian Rosewood
Indian Rosewood holds many medicinal properties.
11. Tulip Tree
Indian Tulip or the Portia Tree is a very large tree with heart shaped leaves and the cup shaped flowers.
12. Khair Tree
Khair is the moderate size deciduous tree, which is widely grown in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary,
13. Kikar tree
Kikar is the small thorny tree. It is cultivated for erosion and fuel wood. Its wood is used for the paper production.
14. Sal tree
Sal is a large sub deciduous tree. It is worshiped among the Buddhist and Hindus in India. It is mentioned in many scriptures that the Buddha was born and died under the Sal tree.
15. Cork Tree
Found in the tropical forests of India, Cork is the tall deciduous tree. Stem and roots of the Cork tree have great medicinal value. The bark of the Cork tree is used in the production of yellow dye. Its flowers are used in rituals in India.
16. Teak Tree
Teak or Tectona Grandis is one of the most popular tree of India. It is mainly used in the making of furniture and doors. Teak also holds the medicinal value.


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