Types and Usage

Weight: is a form of measurement
We measure every object by this form
How heavy an object or body is measured as weight
It is the entire mass of a body or object
It is a physical quantity.

Types of Weighing Scales & Their Function:

Scales used for weighing come in many forms and an equally large number of applications. Scales are available in different sizes, shapes, weight capabilities and specifications to suit different businesses, industries and personal uses. The right scale can make the difference in certain weighing functions.

1. Domestic Scales:
Scales are used in the home for a number of purposes and are mainly found in bathrooms and kitchens.
2. Commercial Scales:
Examples of commercial scales include jewelry scales, counting scales, restaurant scales, bench scales, platform scales and floor scales.
3. Industrial Scales:
Industrial scales fill a variety of purposes across myriad industries, such as agriculture, laboratory, truck scales, pallet scales, bench scales and platform scales.
4. Precision Scales:
Precisions scales see use in scientific and laboratory settings and are designed to weigh in increments of as small as 0.001 grams.


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