VBT – Meditation 16.3

Let Love Be Your Prayer

The Bauls say:

The two who are wholly present

Can bring forth a fruit

To offer the master…

… And that is the fruit to be offered to the master, to God.

… They are conscious and fruitful.

In that peak of love, they are totally conscious and fruitful. Remember, love is not something like unconsciousness. Ordinarily, when you are in love, you become more unconscious. Then it is lust. Then it is the very lowest denominator. Then it is the lowest rung of the ladder. Of course it belongs to the ladder, but it is the lowest rung. At the highest rung there is tremendous consciousness-and if you cannot be conscious in the presence of your lover, where else are you going to be conscious? If the presence of your lover is not worth being conscious, then where else will you find the treasure to be conscious?

If you love the person, if you really love, a peak of consciousness arises. You would just like to observe, to see your beloved or your lover; you would like to be with a pure presence. And they help each other to be more and more conscious-because when one becomes more conscious, it is immediately reflected in the other. The other becomes more conscious, and it works like a chain reaction. Higher and higher they go, and then there comes a moment when the fruit is born; that fruit is called love. That love you can offer to the master of the world. No other fruit will do.

They are conscious and fruitful….

And in that peak of consciousness they are fruitful. Otherwise, people live a fruitless life. People live an unfruitful life, people live without fruition. Nothing is born out of them; they simply live and die. There is no meaning and no significance in their lives. The significance arises only when two trees have become one tree, and when on that one tree the fruit of love is born.

…. conscious and fruitful.

The well never sinks

Into the water.

The Bauls say, ‘You see? Go and see a well full of water-but it never sinks into the water.’ This is very mysterious. When you are absolutely drowned in oneness, for the first time you are. You never sink into it. You are merged, all boundaries lost, but then happens a paradox: the paradox of being lost completely and yet being, for the first time, yourself. When you are lost completely, you are, for the first time, your reality. You are full, surrounded by tremendous force, but you are not sunk in it. You are one with it, but for the first time your flame burns. Without any ego, your being is revealed.


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