The master at the school for archery was known to be a master of life just as much as of archery.

One day his brightest pupil scored three bull’s-eyes in a row at a local contest. Everyone went wild with applause. Congratulations poured in for pupil – and master.

The master, however, seemed unimpressed – almost critical even.

When the pupil later asked him why, he said, “You have yet to learn that the target is not the target.”

Be Non-Doer

After reading the story who felt that why Master was unimpressed?

Intention of the master is to teach Life, live as non-doer and not archery. Archery is just device to teach how to act as non-doer. As no one can teach you how to be non-doer but we need to learn. We need to learn by taking everything from objective world as a device to be non-doer.

We have come across many successful graduates who fail in their life? Have you thought why? As they learn everything but as a doer. Till the time you are doer, from everything what you will do strengthens your ego. Which is cause of your misery.

All of us have to take our life as laboratory and experiment from everything how we can be non-doer. We all are scientist of our life.

You may think how we can learn to be non-doer by learning Archery or in that case anything. Right now take the example of Archery. Archery is teaching us to target. Have we thought that same way we can target ourselves as no one else is responsible for our misery. As we have missed certain learning in our life so we are not able to act to create possibility in that circumstances. As we are not able to create possibility something else is created which is giving us misery.

We are unconscious towards ourselves. Recollect from your own life in any circumstances all our attention is towards others and not even a fraction of a second we look or observe ourselves.

From the story see that pupil was much concern regarding how other will acknowledge his performance rather than what is possible for him in that moment. If he would have been alert for a fraction of a second towards himself he would have learned how we can remain unaffected like lotus flower in any circumstances. He would have understood what is non-doing.

When he was giving performance in the contest he become doer. Means he was doing his act excellently in the present moment but his mind was in the future and on the fruits. He missed opportunity to be total in his act. If you are Total in your act then immediately you are non-doer. You are just participating in that act as an actor.

To be inactive while engaged in activity is the real inactivity (non-doership)!

You can be inactive only when all the thoughts cesses.

Learning from the story Master Of Life: Be Non-Doer

Experience Learning

The non-doer does all the work, without getting attached to it. The work is done, but he is released from the work. The mind becomes the storehouse, only if you have a sense of doer-ship towards your work. You accumulate everything on the path of life if you live with the identity of the mind.

The experiences become the impressions if you cling to the experiences of life. If you allow the life to pass by in the moment, new experiences are always waiting for you to explore.

We know only one way of living life. We never try to explore life beyond our physical comfort. There is life possible beyond the mental comfort. If you look for the comfortable life at a physical level, to experience life beyond the mental comfort becomes the far-fetched thing.

Have a sense of non-doer ship towards your actions, is the highest wisdom of life. It’s a liberating experience in the moment. You don’t have to look for the liberation in the future, but you are already liberated at this very moment.

What binds you with life, have you ever noticed?

It’s your sense of doer-ship. You want your name to be present everywhere. You cannot do anything with your life, without self-interest. Your self-interest lies in every act. These, what binds you with life. Your very life becomes an act of ignorance.

We all know, that higher wisdom is available to the ones, those who seek it, but we never consider ourselves, worthy enough to even look for it. Our idea of life is so small, that we just cannot imagine life beyond ourselves. In reality, true experiences of life are possible, only beyond the identity of the mind.

It’s your clinging to life, allows the mind to ponder over small and petty things. You are more interested in having the same experiences of life again and again. Life works in duality. If you hold the good experiences, bad experiences of life too are waiting for you. If you are able to drop both the experiences of life, you transcend both the negative and positive experience of life to a blissful one.

The sense of non-doer ship towards actions transcends life and take the quality of life to another level.

The situations and people in your life are there to give you different experiences of life. You can have the best experience out of every situation, if you allow the things to happen, without too much interfering with life.


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