VBT – Week’s Meditation 105

Impossible Revolution

“Do you wish to visit my inner home and drink nectar, my heart?

Will you not fail to enter where lovers march in a joyous carnival singing of love?”

“Then walk the way with a lamp of beauty, leaving behind this greed, that lust, the ways of the world, and all qualities.”

“Blames and violence, old age and death,

dawn and dusk do not live there.

Only rays of color brilliantly shine.”

What cannot be seen you will see. The impossible will happen. Religion is the impossible revolution. It happens – it is almost impossible to believe that it happens. It is so beyond the ordinary mind; it is so beyond logic, it is so beyond intellect, that it is difficult to believe that it happens – but it happens. Look into my eyes, look into me, watch and feel; it has happened. It can happen to you.

You will see what cannot be seen only if you can be the formless in you.

But the only art that you have to learn is how to be formless within you. How to drop the ego is the very core of all religions; how to efface yourself utterly, so utterly that your room is just an emptiness, that you are just a room and nothing else, just space, pure space. In that pure space one starts seeing that which cannot be seen, and one starts hearing that which cannot be heard, and one starts touching what cannot be touched, and one arrives to the point where all seeking, searching, desiring disappears. One is fulfilled.

That benediction is your birthright. And if you are missing, nobody else is responsible. Only you, and only you are responsible if you miss. There is no need to miss anymore – even for a single moment. Once understood, what is the problem? Why can’t you put yourself aside? Why can’t you be in a state where no “I” exists?

Sometimes it happens accidentally. Listening to great music, sometimes it happens that you forget that you are. You are, more so than ever before – more grounded, more centered – but still you forget that you are. It disappears in great music. Watching a Himalayan peak, it disappears sometimes. It is so wonderful, so surprising, so pure…the untouched Himalayan snow…that for a moment you touch an altitude of your own being, and the ego is left, deep down.

Sometimes, if in the night you are suddenly awakened, for a single moment you are puzzled about who you are and where you are. Have you not watched it? Otherwise, ask your wife or husband one day to wake you suddenly in the night, to shake you, and see: for a few seconds you are, but there is no feeling of who you are. The name, the form, the identity is not there. You are coming from such deep sleep that it will take a little time to take back the garb of the ego.

It happens in love. Two lovers sitting are not two – something between them has fallen, disappeared. Barriers gone, they are overlapping. It happens accidentally also, but if you understand it you can, by and by, allow it to grow in you. That’s all that religion is about.

My heart, dress yourself in the spirit of all women and reverse your nature and habits.

Millions of suns will burst open with brilliance and the formless in visual forms.

You will see what cannot be seen only if you can be the formless in you.


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