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  • Napped half
    the day; no one
    punished me!

    Zen master is saying that I was so silent that no one noticed me.

    We were born with silence, and as we grew up we lost the silence and we were filled with words. We lived in our hearts, and as time passed we moved into our heads. Now the reverse of this journey is enlightenment. It is the journey…Read More

  • Goes out,
    comes back—
    the love life of a cat.

    Live the life like Zorba The Buddha.
    Zorba is the foundation and Buddha is the palace. Buddha is the peak, but the foundation stones are laid by Zorba. It will be foolish to choose to be a Buddha without having the foundation stones.

    Be absolutely mathematical about it: Zorba should be there a…Read More

  • Even with insects —
    some can sing,
    some can’t.

    Have you ever tried to train a puppy? Our minds are like puppies, constantly reacting to things within and around us. “It’s essential to recognize that who you truly are is not that person who is constantly in reaction. You are the stillness between your thoughts.”

    Everything that’s created com…Read More

  • Under the evening moon
    the snail is
    stripped to the waist.

    Evening Symbolically, this cycle offers the most dramatic contrast between light and darkness, between consciousness and unconsciousness.
    Waist is in the middle.

    Shakyamuni’s life exemplifies a basic interpretation of the Middle Way as the path between two extremes, close to A…Read More

  • Mosquito at my ear —
    does he think
    I’m deaf?

    This is how our ego respond.

    For most people, ego becomes an issue only when someone has too much of it and is considered egotistical – and even then, a big ego is often equated with drive and success.
    The situation is very different seen from the perspective of consciousness. The reason that Bud…Read More

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