We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill

Relax Totally

Religion, as such, is surrendering, relaxing. Don’t cling to anything. Clinging shows that you don’t trust life.

Every evening, Mohammed used to distribute whatsoever he had collected in the day.

All! Not even a single pai would he save for the tomorrow because he said that the same source that had given today, would give to him tomorrow. If it has happened today, why be untrusting about tomorrow? Why save?

But when he was dying and he was very ill, his wife became worried. Even at midnight a physician may be needed, so that evening she saved five rupees, five dinars. She was afraid. ‘Nobody knows — he may become too ill in the night, and some medicine may be needed and in the middle of the night, where would I go? Or a doctor may be needed and the fee would have to be given.’ Not saying anything to Mohammed, she’d saved five dinars.

Near about midnight, Mohammed opened his eyes and he said, ‘I feel a certain distrust around me. It seems something has been saved.’

The wife became very much afraid and she said, ‘Excuse me, but thinking that something may be needed in the night, I have saved just five dinars.’

Mohammed said, ‘You go out and give it to somebody.’

She said, ‘In the middle of the night who is going to be there?’

Mohammed said, ‘You just listen and let me die peacefully, otherwise I will feel guilty, guilty against my God. And if he asks me. I will feel ashamed that at the last moment I died in deep distrust. You go out!’

The wife went out, unbelieving of course, but a beggar was standing there.

When she came back, Mohammed said, ‘Look, he manages well, and if we need something, then a donor will be standing outside the door. Don’t be worried.’

Then he pulled up his blanket and died immediately, relaxed totally.

Whatsoever is needed at a particular time will be given to you, never before it. You get it only when you need it, and there is not even a single moment’s delay. When you need it you get it, immediately, instantly! That’s the beauty of trust. By and by you learn the ways of how existence goes on providing for you.

– Osho


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