Life is a celebration. Celebrating each and every moment of our existence. Happiness and celebration, co-exist. In a state of happiness, we enjoy and we celebrate.So what is happiness? Happiness is a feeling of well being. This feeling of well being is a sense of being whole and complete. We often relate to happiness when we have material comfort. But this is one aspect of it. What about physical fitness, what about mental peace, what about emotional well being what about spiritual health. When we are healthy in all these states of being we are complete and whole.

Because of its rational basis, the modern medical system has replaced almost all the traditional systems of treatment in different parts of the globe.It is no doubt very effective in saving us from the fatal hands of many diseases.However, the influx of some chemicals in our body creates other reaction.Besides, the new widespread psychosomatic ailments and psychiatric problems are posing a great challenge to the modern and contemporary man. It is here that Yoga is, making a vital contribution to the modern medical systems.

In this series, we will deal with the eight limbs of Yoga initiated by Rishi Patanjali known as ashtanga yoga.Before dwelling into these branches of yoga it is equally pertinent to understand the nature of modern diseases, their source. The great Indian Upanishads have stated that the diseases are just the physical manifestation of the deep-rooted metaphysical ailments.This means that our physical body is one aspect of our existence which we see with the normal eyes.We have parallel bodies which we cannot see but they exist . We have five levels of existence, known as panch Kosa. They are:


  • Annamaya Kosa
  • Pranamaya Kosa
  • Manomaya Kosa
  • Vijnayamaya Kosa
  • Anandmaya Kosa.

The Anandmaya Kosa

that is the physical body is made of matter, the anna.This physical Kosa has five elements, namely, earth( Prithvi), water( jal), fire(agni), wind( vayu),and akash( space).So each of us is the permutations and combinations various elements, molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons.The atoms conglomerate together to form various chemicals.When they join together they form molecules, cells, tissues, organs etc. They follow certain norms of nature and are controlled by nervous( electrical) and chemical( hormones) mechanism.Thus annamaya kosa is the physical frame which is the grossest of all five Kosas relate.

The Pranamaya Kosa

is the energy body, that is the life force energy body.Prana, the energy is not the material electromagnetic energy spectrum known to modern science..prana is the life force energy that pervades in the entire universal existence. Our physical body cannot function without it. It increases and decreases by itself without external agency.The body may be there but without life or prana, it is gross and useless. This Prana is the core necessity of this universe.Everything around us is made of this energy called prana.We cannot exist without this.The uniform and harmonious flow of prana to each and every cell of the physical body( annamaya kosa) keeps them alive and healthy. Prana flows through subtle channels in our body called nadis.These nadis are invisible streams of energy. Any blockages in them in any part of our body creates the pain and disease
relate to that part or organ in our body.

The Manomaya Kosa

or the mental sheath is a very important level of our existence.All the psychosomatic diseases are originated here at this level.Let’s understand this level.Manomaya kosa is our mental body, that is our mind.The mind is defined as a conglomeration of thoughts.In this level of our existence mind carries its functions like perception( mannah),ctita ( memory), and ego ( ahamkara), Our mind is constantly by our senses and our mind keep responding to them. Let me give you an example.There is a new car launch and it is a rare edition and therefore it has a status symbol quotient. Once I read about this the eyes our sense organ sends the image to my brain and mind perceives it a status symbol. Within the next fraction of a second, our memory deciphers it that it’s a very rare edition which one must have. The big ego now wants it badly. The constant flow of this liking creates a momentum called emotion. This emotion can like or dislike in the form hate, anger, jealousy etc.These emotions further get aggravated when the big ego I, supports them.When the emotions become powerful, they start governing our actions.These actions are often against the law of nature.This constant going against the law of nature leads to imbalances in our existence. which takes the forms of stress. This stress in Ayurveda is known as adhis. These long-standing adhis (strong likes and dislikes) when continue they disturb our pranamaya kosa, that is our energy body. Our energy flow gets disturbed.Our breathing rhythm becomes uneven.These disturbances if not checked in time attack our physical body.It may attack any organ of our body.This takes the form of physical ailments, called vyadhis .These vyadhis takes the form of diabetes, thyroid disturbances, cancer etc.

The Vijnanmaya Kosa

is the fourth layer of our existence. To explain further let me elaborate this.We have two minds or two friends within us.One is bad or naughty, and the other is good and righteous one.The bad one says that a dress is good i must have this by hook or crook.But the righteous one says, no it does not require at this moment.This righteous one is our conscious.This conscious within us that continuously guides us to do a thing or not to do a thing is the vijnanmaya kosa. It is our vivek, It gives us the power of discrimination.It is this part of our existence that has developed in the human race that differentiates man from animals. This guides us on what is wrong and what is right, How much we should accumulate wealth, how much we should eat, sleep, play, have sex nutshell, it guides us to live in moderation.The greed in us is the play of the insecurity of our ego.The real happiness lies in moderation.How much one can enjoy a good music, enjoy a ride in a new car.This reasoning comes with awareness when our inner consciousness is awakened.

The Anandmaya Kosa

When we transcend our mind that co-exists with Citta (memory), and ego we reach the Anandmaya Kosa, the ultimate bliss.This is the bliss layer of our existence.This is the most subtle aspect of our existence which is devoid of any form of emotions, a state of total silence, a state of complete harmony any and perfect health.

So the journey of celebration is the journey of perfect harmony. The harmony among the various levels of our existence.there is no conflict, but the only rhythm.With perfect harmony comes the perfect health and happiness.We celebrate each moment when we are in harmony.

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