In the previous article, we have learnt that we have various levels of our existence and maintaining harmony at each of these levels we enjoy and celebrate every moment of our life.Let’s explore the origin of our diseases, and we have health issues.

As our ancient texts and rishis, the diseases,adhis (adhis leading to viyadhis) are mainly of two types. They are ordinary, Samanya known and essential diseases are known as Sara. The Samanya diseases are incidental to a body whereas Sara diseases are responsible for rebirth . They are as per our previous birth karmas or Samskara.

The samanya diseases are caused by our interactions with the world . These are the psychosomatic ailments. These ailments can be treated and dealt with the change in our lifestyle, including our thinking pattern. The second type of diseases that is the sara diseases can be destroyed by the realization of the causal state of our mind and our ability to live in vijnanamaya Kosa and Anandmaya kosa.

In samanya diseases, there are some ailments due to infectious and contagious diseases, such diseases can be handled with conventional medicines and treatments along with the change in lifestyles. However, it’s equally important to note that all samanya diseases if very necessary the conventional medicine and treatment should be taken.

Understanding Psychosomatic diseases:

When we interact with the outside world, which is not in accordance with our true nature, our mind gets agitated (for example when we control our feelings constantly). These agitations when existing for a long time, cause fluctuation in the flow of energy in our prana nadis. There is the loss of rhythm and harmony in the flow of prana, and our nadis quiver. This creates the imbalance in our digestive system.There is wrong digestion, poor digestion, or over digestion.When this improperly digested food settles down in the body amidst the emotional commotion it results in ailments.

The stress in the form of agitation in the mind is responsible for the psychosomatic ailments.

When we upset our natural body system like untimely working conditions, untimely eating habits and wrong thinking pattern the harmony in our existence gets disturbed and hence we live an unhealthy life. We forget that we are matter and spirit.We have started giving more importance to matter and ignored to nourish our spirit which is our source, our root, We have uprooted from our real self and thus created an imbalance.

There is a need for an integrated approach to various diseases.When we have mental agitations in our mental body or manomya kosa, there is a disturbance in our energy or prana body causing a disharmony out the unrhythmic flow of energy.This percolates down to our physical body affecting the various parts including the like heart, pancreas, liver etc.Its therefore important to treat these psychosomatic diseases at various levels of our existence, like manomaya Kosa, pranmaya Kosa and annamaya kosa.

The integrated approach of our health and happiness is thus emphasised not the conventional medicine(including Ayurveda) at the physical level(if necessary), but also yogic techniques to operate at various levels of our existence. It is necessary because the modern medicine also has their reactions leading to other complications.

Practices for Annamaya Kosa

  • A healthy yogic diet which is satvic and balanced one.
  • Certain kriyas, to cleans our system, like, jalneti, vamana dhoti,kapalbhati ,trataka etc
  • Yogic exercises, and yoga asanas.

There are yamas and niyams,suggested by Patanjali, that not only suitable for a physical level but also has their effect at our manomaya kosa.

Practices for Pranmaya Kosa

Prana is the basic life force energy without which we cannot exist even for few seconds.Pranayam is the technique to regulate and increase our pranic strength.Through the practice of proper breathing techniques, we start working on our prana level.

Practices for Manomaya Kosa

Patanjali suggests the technique of Dharna and Dhyana for the health of our manomaya kosa.There are various techniques of meditations to calm down the mind. The continuous practice of meditations helps in going beyond our mental state leading to complete relaxation and calming the mental agitations.Consequently, the main reason of psychosomatic ailments is taken care,

Equally important is to train our mind by positive thinking and by keeping a good positive company.

For a quality and meaning full life one as maintained by Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, one must concentrate on 3 S. They are Seva, Satsang and Sadhana (in this order).

Seva is to be of some help to others (it could be a small as bringing the smile on other’s face by greeting them).

Satsang, is keeping a company of good, positive people, listening to good meaningful music, bhajans.

And lastly is Sadhana,which is devoting time for our own physical exercise, pranayam and meditation. Thus Yoga is to live in unison with our inner self but for our atmosphere and universe. It is the journey from micro level to macro level.


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