Transcend Duality – In Gita Verse 2.45 The Vedas deal mainly with the subject of the three modes of material nature. O Arjuna, become transcendental to these three modes. Be free from all dualities and from all anxieties for gain and safety, and be established in the self.

Krishna says that all knowledge unless becomes your own knowing, means unless a person becomes capable of transcending, then only you will be able to establish in the self. He is not saying that you follow God, he says unless a person settels in himself he cannot be liberated first from his animal nature. Means duality.

Please understand scientifically, our body has evolved from animals, with the nature of animals. So duality in the form of anxieties, and searching others for our safety. When we as human beings evolved from animals we are born with the seed of consciousness, potentiality to grow in consciousness. When we grow in consciousness we will find freedom and not safety. Freedom from duality, anxiety, safety, anger, etc. This will be the first sign of growth in consciousness.

When we go to school at that time the teacher doesn’t directly teach us theory, they start from the alphabet, gradually we learn to make sentences and then it goes on. Same is the process of transcending duality. It will start from where we are. We are dual, so there is a lot of anxiety, anger etc. When you grow in consciousness means gradually you start transcending your duality. First you will transcend the duality of anxiety and safety. You will for the first time experience freedom from your animal nature. Suddenly your urge to understand love will arise. But that is also in the crude form. So you will look everywhere else but not towards yourself, as we have always experienced and understood love means – from someone, it starts from parents, to brothers and sisters, friends, spouse, children etc. But unless we love ourselves we cannot transcend love. It will be an ongoing process to grow in consciousness. When love comes we have all the questions regarding sex also. How to transcend the sex energy. As unconsciously after the maturity age we have experience that sex has something more as it gives birth to a child, it has life. At the same time it is available and we are capable of sex for certain periods of our life only. But certain experiences of ours say that something more has nothing to do with age. So search for that starts.

Do we have to transcend sex before you love yourself?

You don’t have to transcend anything. You have to live everything that is natural to you, and live it fully, without any inhibition – joyously, aesthetically. Transcendence will come just by living it deeply.

You are not to transcend anything. Remember. Transcendence will come by itself, and when it comes by itself it is such a release and such a freedom. If you try to transcend, you are going to repress, and repression is the sole reason why people cannot transcend; so you are getting into a vicious circle. You want to transcend, so you repress, and because you repress you cannot transcend, so you repress more. As you repress more, you become more incapable of transcendence.

Live it out fully, without any condemnation, without any religion interfering with your life. Live it out naturally, intensely, totally – and transcendence comes. It is not your doing, it is happening. And when it comes by itself, there is no repression, there is no antagonism.

You are above all those things that you wanted to transcend – for example, sex. But a real transcendence does not mean that you cannot make love. Of course your love will have a totally different quality. It will not be sexual, it will not be a biological urge, it will not be animalistic; it will be simply a play between two human energies.

If transcendence comes by itself, then many things disappear, more or less. But you are not against anything that disappears. You can still enjoy it. For example, in a state of transcendence you are not a food addict, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy, once in a while, going to a Chinese restaurant.

Transcendence makes you free; it does not give you a new bondage: first you were so addicted that you had to go, now you are so addicted that you cannot go. 

Transcendence means that now all this addiction is gone – you can go, you may not go. You are neither against nor for.

You may be smoking. Transcendence does not mean that once in a while with friends you cannot smoke a cigarette. I don’t think that a cigarette, once in a while, will destroy your spirituality. And if it destroys it, then that spirituality is not worthwhile.

Krishna is saying that don’t condemn anything, don’t run away but use the knowledge to transcend it and settle in your subjectivity to deliver the assignment of the universe.

  1. Akhilesh 4 years ago

    Thank you, Atman! It ultimately dictates that one who feels regret for the action, it does in day to day life is mere a duality. Until it becomes addictive to it and deviates from the ultimate goal, no reason of regret. whereas, one should continue to reach to its ultimate goal.

    • gch-admin 4 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words. If you need further clarification or discussion, get in touch with me.

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