One psychoanalyst was trying some experiment. He announced in the newspapers, “I will pay enough money if somebody is ready to come to my house and just follow my child for the whole day. Whatever my child does, you have to do that.”

A young wrestler turned up and he said, “I am ready; where is the child?”

But by the middle of the day the wrestler was flat on his back. He had already got two fractures, because everything that the child was doing he had to do. And the child got excited: This is strange! So he would jump unnecessarily, and the wrestler had to jump; he would climb the tree, and the wrestler had to climb; and he would jump from the tree, and the wrestler had to jump. And this continued. The child completely forgot about food, about anything; he was enjoying so much the misery of the wrestler.

By the afternoon the wrestler simply refused. He said to the psychoanalyst, “Keep your money. This child of yours will kill me by the end of the day. I am already ready to go to the hospital. This child is dangerous. Don’t do this experiment with anybody else.”

Every child has so much energy, and still he is not tense. Have you watched a child sleeping? Have you watched a child just sucking his own thumb, enjoying it, dreaming beautiful dreams? His whole body is in a deep let-go.

Do Everything For Yourself

Story says that physically strong person can be defeated by small child. Why?

Because child is not doing anything to win or demonstrate himself. All his act is for himself. Whether he is playing, sleeping, eating etc.

Learning from the story: You do everything for yourself. You will be more relaxed and no stress.

Experience Learning

From our childhood we have taught that if we do anything for ourselves we are considered to be selfish. Also we were told that it is not moral. In this way we are disconnected with ourselves. It is small seed, once it has grown what damage it was done to us we all know. This has created stress in us.

One has to be selfish, there is no other way to be. And all the teachings that go on telling you not to be selfish have not helped; rather, they have distracted your being, they have made you unnatural.

Self is your center, and to be selfish is the only way there is to be. The more you try to be not selfish the more you become eccentric. The word eccentric is beautiful; it simply means off-center.

Then you are rooted no more in yourself, then you are grounded no more in your being – and a man who is not grounded in his being lives a false life, lives an artificial life. His whole life is more like a dream than like a reality.

If you are centered you are altruistic because you have overflowing love, overflowing being – you have to share. You are just like a flower, so full of fragrance it goes on sharing it with the winds. You are like a pregnant being, you carry so much within you that you have to give, to share, and by sharing it grows more.but you share it from your center.

From today start doing something for yourself. Take first step and see what happens.


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