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All varieties of watermelon share a distinct mouth-watering, thirst quenching, sugary flesh encased by a solid rind. Some watermelon types have higher sugar content and are sweeter; and some varieties have different colored rind and flesh. Most of us are familiar with the oblong, dark green watermelon with vibrant ruby red pulp, but melons may also be light pink, yellow and even orange. Size can vary among watermelons from small 5 pounders to a monstrous 200 pounds.

There are four basic types of watermelon: seedless, picnic, icebox, and yellow/orange fleshed.
Seedless Watermelons
1. Seedless Watermelon:
Seedless watermelons were created in the 1990’s for those of you who don’t think spitting melon seed is fun. Seedless watermelons have tiny underdeveloped seeds, despite the name, which are easily consumed. The melons usually weigh from 10-20 pounds and mature in about 85 days.

1. Queen of Hearts
2. King of Hearts
3. Jack of Hearts
4. Millionaire
5. Crimson
6. Trio
7. Nova

2. Picnic Watermelons:
Another watermelon type, the Picnic, tends to be larger, from 16-45 pounds or more, perfect for a picnic gathering. These are the traditional oblong or round melons with a green rind and sweet, red flesh – which mature at around 85 days or so. Some varieties here include:
1. Charleston Gray
2. Black Diamond
3. Jubilee
4. Allsweet
5. Crimson Sweet

3. Icebox Watermelon:
Icebox watermelons are bred to feed one person or a small family and, as such, are much smaller than their counterparts at 5-15 pounds.

4. Yellow/Orange Fleshed Watermelon:Lastly, we come to yellow/orange fleshed watermelon plant varieties, which are typically round and can be both seedless and seeded. Seeded varieties include:
1. Desert King
2. Tendergold
3. Yellow Baby
4. Yellow Doll

Seedless varieties include Chiffon and Honeyheart. As you may have guessed, depending upon the variety, flesh is yellow to orange in color. These melons mature in about 75 days.


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