Focus – In Gita Verse 7.11 I am the strength of the strong, devoid of passion and desire. I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles, O lord of the Bhāratas [Arjuna].

Krishna guides us where we need to focus. We have strength, when strength is accompanied with desire and passion it will become power. If we purify our power by devoiding desire and passion it will become our strength. If we become conscious of our power our focus will change. Same power will become strength to be with ourselves.

Right now forget about what Krishna says regarding power and strength.

Recollect the moment when your focus is on the possibility and not on the problem. At that time there was no desire or passion in you. This is our own experience. There was enthusiasm and very subtle curiosity to find out the possibility, just like a child. This subtle curiosity is because you unconsciously wanted to live the mystery of life. When your focus is on possibility you have used your own intelligence not to control or dominate anyone. At the same time when your focus is on the problem you will think that if the end result is according to you then to how many people you can influence and what are the benefits you will get from others. In this way you want to control and dominate the people.

When your focus is on the possibility your power is devoid of passion and desire. So you have no intention to control or dominate anyone. On the contrary, you will find that when your focus is on possibility you are more relaxed, calm and have more energy. While when your focus is on the problem you will find anxiety, stress, and no energy is left with you.

Krishna is saying religiousness is nothing but the science of deprogramming.

Deprogramming means you are simply left without a program, without religion, race, caste, nationality…you are left alone to be yourself – to be an individual.

When power is without desire, passion, you will find there is flow in it. This is the reason that when you are focusing on the possibility, you always feel energetic as you are not stuck. When your focus is on the problem you are stuck, because of this stuckness you feel no energy in you.

As Godliness or Krishna or God is present in you as intangible, invisible, they can only function if there is free flow in you. Have you ever noticed that when your nose is blocked you have a breathing problem? Same is with Godliness when we are anxious, stressed, no energy they cannot flow through us. Breath is our first experience of intangible as tangible.

Once you know through your understanding and experience that where our focus is required in all our circumstances then you will find that life is beautiful ground for us to play. There is no need to be serious. It’s up to you how you can remind yourself in every circumstance. Like in my Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.63, blog I wrote how the Emperor has changed his action and focus, so hell becomes heaven.

Once you have an understanding for your anxiety, stress, and no energy, you will start growing in your consciousness. When you start growing in consciousness at that time you will see the possibility that the sex energy and desire also can be transformed.

While watching the anxiety and stress into you and giving them direction towards possibility you can immediately become relaxed. As this watchfulness deepens in you, you will be surprised that while making love or even desire of sex you will find that you are separate from desire. As soon as you will get a very faint experience of separation from desire of sex, then as in Tantra it has said it will transform you and that will become meditation.

Krishna when says – I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles – means to be a watcher of the sex energy and transformation of sex energy happens, meditation happens.

Krishna is saying – to experience Godliness which is within you and is always available to you if you become conscious of yourself where your focus is, like the Emperor if it is not in the right direction, change the direction and then everything is meditation, transformation.


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