Types and Usage

Brooms are one of the most basic but important tools in your janitorial arsenal, and they come in various forms to meet different needs. A broom that can perform the task at hand is vital to the sanitation and cleaning of any home, restaurant, hotel, or office. We have a large selection of brooms to match any task!

How to Select the Right Broom:

When choosing a broom, think about these questions:

What types of floors do I have?

What types of debris am I usually sweeping up?

Are there tight spaces and corners I need to clean?

Do I need to sweep wet areas, dry areas, or both?

Are there oils, chemicals, or other compounds on my floors?

There are 10 Different Types of Brooms for Sweeping Floors:

1. Angle Broom: This is a very modern broom that is popular in many homes because of the angle of the bristles.

2. Soft (Straw and Corn) Broom: Soft brooms come with bristles made from many different materials, and which ones you choose is really up to personal preference.

3. Hard Brooms: Hard brooms have bristles that are significantly stiffer, which makes them perfect for getting into holes and cracks and cleaning out the dirt that’s in there.

4. Scented Brooms: While most brooms are used for utility, there are some that are only bought for the way they look and for their smell. It’s common to find cinnamon brooms in a home, and these give a lovely scent to the area as well as serve as a decoration.

5. Push Broom: These brooms have very sturdy bristles that make it incredibly easy to use them to clean large areas at once.

6. Upright Broom: Instead of being pushed along the ground at an angle, upright brooms have their bristles in the same line as the handle.

7. Hand Broom: Hand broom are not ideal for cleaning large areas, but are perfect for spot cleaning a smaller space.

8. Whisk Broom: Whisk broom are natural fibers, which gives the broom a more organic look and appeals to a large number of people.

9. Wedding Brooms: In many areas around the world, jumping over a broom at a wedding has been a part of the ceremony.

10. Besom Brooms: Besom brooms consist of twigs that are tied tightly around a stick.


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