The cactus thrives in the desert while the fern thrives in the wetland.

The fool will try to plant them in the same flower box.

The florist will sigh and add a wall divider and proper soil to both sides.

The grandparent will move the flower box halfway out of the sun.

The child will turn it around properly so that the fern is in the shade, and not the cactus.

The moral of the story?

Kids are smart.

Keep Balance

Everyone has same resources how we use it that shows our level of thinking. Depending upon our thinking we can create our reality. How we think only that much universe can give us. Universe has everything, but if we don’t use our intellectual how that resources can be of any use to us.

In any circumstances odd or favourable what is available is resources and how we use that resources that will create our next moment. We need to have intelligence to convert all the circumstances in our favour.

Don’t find out any excuses for not getting your success. Don’t blame your luck and stars for the same. You are not successful because you are not intelligent enough to use your resources. Use your intelligent by becoming self alert. Ask yourself what resources are available in that circumstances. It may be in the form of physical, mental or emotion.

We can use our resources only if we are balanced and in harmony with our goal then only we will become capable of using our resources in any form. If we are driven by others or by any knowledge we will miss the opportunity in that moment. Every moment universe give us opportunity, unless we use it with little thought then only we will be able to any circumstances in our favour.

I will like to give you example of our PM Modi. Look at him how everything he is converting into his favour. He is not resisting anything or anyone but he uses that for his favour. He keeps his physical, mental and emotional balances and look everything as how to use that so not only it will favour him can become advantages for most of the people. The way in which he is converting everything in his favour that’s the reason he become favourable not only in India but in the World.

When our focus is not only on us but with that how the society, nation and world can grow that small act will become light to many people.

Learning from the story Cactus: Keep Balance

Experience Learning

Keep balance means what? How we can transcend everything which is available in this moment.

Today I will be taking the emotions. Science has taken various experiment that when you are angry and somehow you focus on your breath you will calm down. Energy is Energy, How you use it that depend on you. Anger is bad because when our emotion of anger is there we get lost and don’t know what we need to act in this moment. We become unconscious towards ourselves, it’s like blackout, we lose our light, and then we end up with some more odd circumstances.

But the same energy as science has found out with experiment, we focus on our breath suddenly we calm down. Same energy which was giving darkness will give light, in that light we will not fall down but stand up, walk and create new dimension and new opportunity out of that.

This is call transformation or converting every circumstances in our favour.

One of the biggest hurdle will come in transformation of emotion is fear, fear of unknown. It will not allow us to focus in present moment.

All your fears are by-products of identification.

You love a woman and with the love, in the same parcel comes fear: she may leave you – she has already left somebody and come with you. There is a precedent; perhaps she will do the same to you. There is fear, you feel knots in the stomach. You are too much attached.

You cannot get a simple fact: you have come alone in the world; you have been here yesterday also, without this woman, perfectly well, without any knots in the stomach. And tomorrow if this woman goes…what is the need of the knots? You know how to be without her, and you will be able to be without her.

The fear that things may change tomorrow…. Somebody may die, you may go bankrupt, your job may be taken away. There are a thousand and one things which may change. You are burdened with more and more fears, and none of them are valid…because yesterday also you were full of all these fears, unnecessarily. Things may have changed but you are still alive. And man has an immense capacity to adjust himself in any situation.

The greatest discovery in life, the most precious treasure, is of awareness. Without it you are bound to be in darkness, full of fears. And you will go on creating new fears; there is no end to it. You will live in fear, you will die in fear, and you will never be able to taste something of freedom. And it was all the time your potential; any moment you could have claimed it, but you never claimed it.

It is your responsibility.


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