Many centuries ago in Japan, an ex-warlord and his best friend were riding their horses down a dusty road when a light rain came, that quickly passed. Then they saw a beautiful rainbow appear in the sky, and eventually came to where one side of the colorful arc touched down on the ground. It was right beside the road, where a monk was sitting below a blossoming plum tree. The two pulled their horses to a halt, in order to ask the monk some questions about the local area, when they noticed that there were tears streaming down his face, and he was smiling.

The ex-warlord asked, “Why do you cry, friend?”

“Because you can finally see me,” answered the monk.

Create Inner Sensitivity

Most of the time what we think and hear is not what others think and say.

Ex-warlord was asking to the monk thinking that he is in trouble. But the monk has not even heard anything what ex-warlord has said. As he just came out from the mediation and all his inner dust was so clean that he realized that God is seeing me.

In our routine life we hardly can communicate with anyone. As we have lost our sensitivity. So looking outside and having our own judgement we talk from our judgement. Ex-warlord thought that monk was in some trouble so with concern he asked – Why do you cry, friend? – but if he would have seen monk and his meditation which is interiority of monk immediately he would have realized that he is saying something out of his own interiority.

Real communication happens only in silence.

In communication, what a person gets might be entirely different than what’s communicated verbally. Ultimately one hears only what one wants to hear or supposed to hear. Sometimes one gets altogether a different meaning than what is said verbally. And at times a simple non-verbal presence or look can alter ones world. Non-communication can also become a big communication. Its well-known fact that, most profound communication happens in silence.

This is because communication is largely non-verbal and invisible exchange of energy. Being in this world is in fact nothing but dancing in communication with the universe. What we call communication in common language merely creates a trigger or stimulus setting a context in which higher-self finds an opportunity to communicate with the inner-self. This way all the experiences in life, good or bad, is nothing but a kind of communication through universe, leading the inner-self toward the higher-self. This continues as long as the two remains separate.

Then what is the purpose of all communication? It may be the union of the two. From Time immemorial humans are searching for the purpose of life. How come purpose of communication be different then? Its happening for everybody in life, only the degree of awareness varies. A conscious dwelling in inner-self can give rise to the awareness levels which would bridge the gap and purpose of communications would end. Not that one would find or get something someday but the search would end for ever for everything.

For real communication we need to be more silent and requires inner sensitivity.

Learning from the story Streaming Tears: Create Inner Sensitivity

Experience Learning

The connection between sensitivity and intuition:

I believe that sensitivity and intuition are very connected. Have you ever spend time with someone who was sad, and then felt sad after you left? Maybe even to the point where you had to cry yourself, even though it wasn’t your sadness in the first place?

Or have you spend time in a group where there was a conflict and you left the group feeling totally out of balance, even though the conflict was not about you?

If so, then chances are you are highly sensitive or an empath: you feel emotions from other people as if they are your own. And if you do, then you also have the potential to be very intuitive.

I call this horizontal and vertical sensitivity.

Horizontal sensitivity is the ability to be sensitive to what is going on around you. Feeling what other people are feeling, noting subtleties, feeling the atmosphere in a room, naturally taking care of others because you feel what they need…. All of that is horizontal sensitivity. It’s the sensitivity about what is going on between you and the outside world.

Vertical sensitivity is the ability to be sensitive to what is going on inside you: what your soul is trying to communicate to you. Intuition is simply the communication between you and your soul or your higher self (the part of you that is not in your body that has the bigger perspective on life). Being open and sensitive to the higher perspective on things is what I call vertical sensitivity. It is about you and your intuition.

The subtle voice of your intuition

When you are very sensitive to what is going on around you, that sensitivity can be so intense that there is little more space left for other things. Almost all of your energy goes to trying to stay in balance and processing what you are feeling or experiencing.

If all of your energy is needed to keep yourself balanced, there is not much space in your head to listen to your intuition. Your intuition might come through in emergencies or when it is really strong (because something is very important for your soul to communicate) but most of the time the voice of your intuition is a subtle one, which gently moves out of the way if you choose to focus on the thoughts in your head.

Also, if you do not know how to separate what is yours and what isn’t, and to let go of what is not yours, your head gets very full. Imagine: you have your own thoughts, energies and emotions and then on top of that you’re connected to the energies, emotions and sometimes even thoughts of other people. No wonder your head is so full and you feel easily overwhelmed!

In all of that chatter and chaos, there is very little space for the subtle, gentle voice of your intuition.

How to find your inner intuitive voice

When you learn to let go of everything that’s not yours and to stay centered in yourself, a whole range of possibilities opens up.

When you have only your own thoughts, energies and emotions left… you are able to move deeper and deeper into your own stillness and peace. And from that space…. It is incredibly easy to hear the voice of your intuition.

You have to get out of the survival-mode with your sensitivity in order to truly hear your intuition and to be able to use both your sensitivity and your intuition in the best possible way.


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