Types and Usage

Doorbells emit a sound that alerts you to a visitor no matter where you are in your home. With the wide range of options available in terms of color, style, materials and special features, it can be hard to settle on just one doorbell. But choosing the type of doorbell you want is fairly simple because there are only two basic types: wired or wireless.

Wired Doorbells:

Wired doorbells are the traditional style of doorbells typically found on older homes not yet equipped with today’s advanced wireless systems. These doorbells connect to a home’s electrical system and usually consist of a push-button device with a switch inside. This switch connects to a terminal, which then connects to a transformer to help control the amount of voltage running to the switch.

Wireless Doorbells:

Unlike wired doorbells that connect to your home’s electrical system, wireless doorbells operate via radio waves sent from a transmitter to a receiver. The transmitter is battery-powered, so there are no wires to mess with at all. In fact, installing a wireless doorbell takes nothing more than some tape or a couple of screws.

Video Doorbells:

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see who was at your door right on your TV, laptop, or even your smartphone? Well, that’s exactly what you can do with a video doorbell. With one of these systems, you can easily see guests who ring your door and also keep an eye on any disturbances or suspicious characters.

Wireless Video Doorbells:

Wireless video doorbells take wired video doorbells to a whole other level. Made by some of the industry’s best brands and featuring cutting-edge technology, these nifty modern devices are getting better and better each year.

These video doorbells work exactly like wireless doorbells without video. For instance, they both feature push-button transmitters that send radio signals to receivers, letting you know when someone has arrived. Some also feature motion sensors for added security and come equipped with dozens of chimes.

Smart Video Doorbells:

We’re living in smart times, and smart times call for a smart doorbell. Smart video doorbells utilize modern technology to allow you to see and talk to visitors via a smartphone or tablet. That’s right. There’s no need to worry about ranges, interference, or any of the problems that plague other wireless doorbells. In fact, you can access the doorbell camera and audio from anywhere in the world.


Intercoms have been used in homes and offices for decades. With an intercom, you can easily talk to someone in another room without the need for face-to-face communication. This makes it a useful household gadget for a number of reasons.

Wireless Intercoms:

Like doorbells, intercoms have improved drastically over the years and have become more functional than ever before. Today, wireless doorbells provide the perfect combination of communication and security, allowing you to talk to visitors and others in your home as well as monitor its exterior.


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